Cuctator or any other Choristers

Latin speakers, anyone. I am driven to try and figure out the choral lyrics to this piece of music:

I’m relatively confident it’s in Latin, given the aesthetic of the game it comes from and what it is, but I just can’t nut out what the lyrics are.

The internet has not helped me all that much.

I’ve written an email to the composer, he played coy about it, trying to keep “in character” with the tone of the universe it comes from. Not helpful.

Any ideas?

Sounds like English to me - I make out the word ‘forever’ in the first stanza, and ‘we must be [something]’ in the second. Sadly, the choir is way down in the mix under the brass and percussion and I’m having a lot of trouble making any words out.

I thought it was English too, but then at other times I know I’ve heard actual Latin choir pieces (hymns and the like) that I’ve just been hearing word patterns in.

That and the comments/feedback I’ve had from the composer led me to believe it was in Latin, but I’m willing to accept that’s not the case. Still stands, though. If anyone can prise the meaning out I’d be eternally grateful :smiley:

[Eta]: Part of the reason I was sure it is in Latin is because I’m sure I heard the words “Vox” and “In nomine” in there as well, which ties in with the pseudo-gothic background of the fluff (“High Gothic” is the language of the ecclisiarchy in the 40k universe. It’s all very Latinate, full of Voxes, Imperators, In Nomines, Aquilas and so on)

I agree with Le Ministre. The lyrics are very difficult to hear, but they sound more like English to me.

I agree with Le Ministre–sounded like English, certainly including “forever”

Having had a go with no distractions and the noise-canceling headphones on, I have my suspicions about those singers being humans. The orchestra isn’t real, it’s a really good set of sound fonts. I have no idea about how you’d go about using a virtual choir with text, but the final ‘s’ sounds are strangely similar to each other. The more I listen, the more convinced I am that those are silicone voices.

Anyway, the first three lines of the first stanza sound to me like -
“We must, we must [weak syllable] [strong syllable with an ‘ɑ’ or an ‘ɔ’ vowel] -ing. (go walking, maybe?)”
“Upon a [strong - weak - strong]” - OR “[weak - strong - weak] sleep no more”
“Or then, we must forever” and then I lose it.

Does that make any sense in the context of the game?

Oh yeah, it’s not a real orchestra at all. It’s a song from the soundtrack to a video game, composed by a guy who predominantly works in electronic composition.

Being that it’s the theme song for the Space Marines, who are the armored fist of the Imperium, sons of the Emperor and all around Hardass Motherfuckers, themes of strength and eternity tie in pretty well, but also make it a bit harder to pin down.

[ETA]: Regardless of whether it’s in English or Latin (or pseudolatin) I fully expect the term “Astartes” to be in there, possibly “Adeptus”, and “Emperor” or “Imperator” somewhere along the lines.

Virtual choir? Type it into YouTube: Quantum Leap Virtual Choir. I was floored when I first saw this video.

Check out some of the other videos: he can even imitate Madonna using it.