Cultural grievance is not a governing agenda!

Nation of Islam is right wing. It’s just a different right wing than the typical white male Christian nationalism that is the predominant form of being right wing in the US. IMHO people like Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan have / had the same underlying mindset as say a conservative Catholic bishop or Baptist minister. It just seems different because it was coming from the minority rather than the majority. Being a member of a minority group does not in any way immunize someone from having a right wing / authoritarian mindset.

Check mate liberals.

You just have to look at the Proud Boys leadership to see that.

Tallying up the spoils in the Right’s culture war divorce, the Left was able to get:

The US Constitution
Science (getting science is a big get, guys. Congrats)
Hollywood and popular music
Corporate America
Real, professional journalism
Health Care
Mainstream Protestantism

The Right Gets:

Scott Baio
Kevin Sorbo
Southern Baptists

Don’t forget the My Pillow guy :crazy_face:

Catholics are still being negotiated. The abortion thing was hard, but seeing the Right throw their families into cages has… in the words of Exodus… hardened many hearts against Trumpism. I remain optimistic.

Would like to take a moment of silence in rememberance of The Confederacy, which was canceled on this date back in 1865.

You folks don’t get all the science. Biology and economics for starters.

What part of biology does the right get?

Lol @ economics being a ‘science’.

It’s using math to develop post hoc rationalizations about a system too big to model. Modern economics is rather alchemic in nature - as the 13th century scientist didn’t realize that you needed to explode a star to transmute elements, modern economists haven’t the slightest idea of how to build an economically stable system, either saying ‘control everything’ or ‘anything goes’, and then building the models to show us they are correct.

And conservative economics is a particularly poor form of our modern scholasticism. Ugh.

But this isn’t the thread.

And the ideology which killed a half a million people in their denial of basic epidemiology owns damnation, not biology.

This. :+1:t2:

Also, lol @ Octopus’s implied conceding of the remainer of my list, including THE US CONSTITUTION.

This may come in handy in future 2a debates.

… cue :squid: saying ‘no, no, that’s not what I meant’ in 3… 2… 1…

To the extent that economics is a science (i.e., not a whole hell of a lot) it has very few consensus views. One of those few is that free trade is better than protectionism, yet “conservatives” jettisoned that position the moment that Donald J. Trump decreed that tariffs against anyone and everyone were key to winning the trade deficit battle (which, in another one of those rare moments of consensus, is something economists don’t think matters much). On the other hand, most progressives embrace Keynesian economics, which while not completely uncontroversial is a credible position amongst economists.

I’m afraid you’re going to have to explain a little how “you folks” don’t get economics.

The transphobic part, I expect. I mean, ignoring the fact that actual biologists aren’t much for transphobia.

Eh, n/m

Ahhha hah ha. Nice one!

Oh, wait, are you serious? The side that hosts the Creationists is the side that gets biology? I don’t think so.

You can keep the dismal science.

Republicans have a better understanding of economics? The party that can’t stop suckling at the Trickle Down teat?

According to Gallup, as of 2008 38% of Democrats believe in creationism, and another 39% believe in God-guided evolution, which I guess would be intelligent design. Only 17% of Democrats say God had no part in the evolution of man.

Republixans score higher in creationism, lower in ‘God guided’ evolution, and lower in ‘God had no part’.

If you look at the percentagex overall of Democrats and Republicans who think God had some control over Man’s evolution, it looks like this:

Republicans: 96%
Democrats: 83%

Large majorities of both parties believe that God either created man outright or influenced the evolution of man.

You’d guess wrong.