And you bumped a three-year-old thread because…? :rolleyes:

Holy crap! I didn’t look at the dates previous to clairobscur’s post. I think this is the thread from awhile back that I referred to. So why did you bump it, clairobscur?

Dang it, I read the whole thread, composing my reply in my head and never noticed the dates. Is it really bad form to amend my reply? I think it’s an interesting discussion.

Here goes, just ignore it if’n ya want.

This is the reason “c*nt” remains an offensive word, because it’s always used for the sole purpose of offending people. “Dick” and “cock” are not always used in this manner and, in fact, can be used in a different sense without any derogatory meaning at all.

The N-word used to also be used as a soley derogatory word until it was reclaimed (in, I think, a deliberate effort to dilute it’s offensiveness). I suppose “c*nt” could be reclaimed as well but there doesn’t seem to be any compelling reason to do so.

Maybe **Claire’**s fishing for compliments?

More to the point…just what term did you punch into the Search function to find it? :smiley:

Because she’s a ____, that’s why.

I’d like to take back the superfluous “s” from my last post.

Sorry 'bout the castration, clairobscur.

Sorry, can’t let this go. That’s just not true. I can disprove that in about 10 seconds. Just do a google search for “nice cunt” (with quote marks to preserve the proximity of the 2 words). If “cunt” were ONLY used for the SOLE PURPOSE of offending people, then the phrase “nice cunt” would not exist. It’s a slam dunk. It’s certainly vulgar, but so are “dick” and “cock”.

WARNING - open links to porn sites at your own risk.

I think it’s even scarier that the guy found something to like about the movie Roadhouse, which is surely one of the biggest steaming piles of crap ever committed to celluloid. What Sam Elliot was doing in that movie, i’ll never know.

And now that i’ve finally clued in that this is a three year old thread, i’ll just leave now.

And I’ll just close it.