Man, this thread is so gay.

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Q: What do you call a nun you don’t like?

A: A nunt.

(Props to Louis C.K.)

I have no idea why the word “cunt” started off as being more offensive than “dick” (Yue Han’s post sounds perfectly reasonable to me), but I’d say that words like “prick”, “cock”, “dick”, ect. have ben used much more often, and so they’ve lost the umph factor.

I’m thinking of things like the nickname Tricky Dick for Nixon here. I remember when calling comeone a dick used to seem more insulting than it does now.

“Cunt”, for whatever reason, is simply more taboo, which means it is still relativily potent.

I’m just rambling here, aren’t I?

Okay, just tossing out this idea here, maybe just echoing Yue Han. I don’t know if it has much to do with logic, just a personal feeling–and maybe I’m only justifying my preconceived hatred for the word, or whatever.
It’s not a double-standard because dicks and cunts are not equivalent.

Dicks and cocks (the organs, not the jerks) fuck. They rear up proudly, they point at things, they thrust themselves in. They decide when and where they go. By calling a man a dick, you’re boiling him down to his very favorite body part. It isn’t complimentary, but it’s not incredibly offensive, either.

A man says to a rival, “Suck my dick,” or “Do me.” That’s an aggressive statement. It tells the other person to be submissive.

Cunts (again, the orifices, not the bitches) get fucked. They are passive. They are private. They are smelly. They are to be hidden and protected, not flaunted. If you call a woman a cunt, you boil her down to a hole to stick a dick into.

A woman doesn’t tell her adversary, “Fuck my cunt.” That would not be an aggressive thing to say, it would be an invitation to the other person to take a dominant position.

If you must call a woman a part of her sexual anatomy, can’t you call her a clit? That’s more on-par with cock or dick. Why isn’t that popular? Because when someone insults a woman by calling her a cunt, they don’t want to imply that she’s a being who enjoys sexual pleasure on her own terms, they’re calling her a hole that gets fucked, something subordinate to a man’s desires, a whore–and there’s no male equivalent to whore; how’s that for a double-standard? (Yeah, yeah, I’m not implying that people go through that thought process everytime they use the word; I’m just telling you my gut feeling.)

And, before anyone jumps on me, I’m just some offering some perceived perceptions, so don’t tell me I need to have a long talk with my vagina. I’ve seen my cervix, damn it. That makes me a liberated woman.

It seemed important to me to note that this is one of the most hilariously white-trashy things I think I’ve ever heard.

Uh, carry on.

Hmm. Ok. I expect soon there will be another thread about why black Americans can refer to each other as niggaz and why gay guys can call each other fags. These questions always seem to clump together.
Matter at hand: One possibility-- the term “dick” is not ALWAYS used in an insulting context. For example, “I was looking at my loving boyfriend’s dick. . .” or “I wonder, how long is my dick?” or “I really like dick.” “I think when I was nude sunbathing I sunburned my cock.”
These are all pretty neutral. However, the word “cunt” is usually either used as an insult or, and not much better, in the power-relationship-laden world of straight-boy porn, in the same fantastic vein as “love-moguls” or “throbbing rod” or “oh, please, cum on my face.”. Neither of these contexts really sets up a neutral, harmless use of the word. I don’t know many women who would choose the word “cunt” to describe that region, although a few do in a drive toward rehabilitiation of the region’s esteem.
In addition, this use almost solely as a nasty insult ends up circling back and adding even more of a sense of injury through a misogynist feel-- it refers not just to the individual woman’s actions or character, but implies that this woman is bad because she is a woman, and that there is something inherently wrong with being a woman, an effect that is not so strongly felt with the more neutral or descriptive sense of cock or dick. To be a woman in this society is still considered a weak or bad thing; Few women have been insulted by being told that she throws like a boy, but men can be insulted by being called “nancy-boys”, “girls” or “bitches.” If you call a woman a dick it isn’t really equivilant to a man being called a bitch, socially. Being accused of being a woman is bad enough, much less a woman’s genitals. It’s essentializing in a way that being called a dick doesn’t really communicate.
To summarize, the words “cock” and “dick,” like “asshole”, are often used neutrally. The word “cunt” is much more frequently used as an insult, and in it’s almost univeral use as an insult indicates a sort of misogyny, and the sort of conceptions that Podkayne alludes to.
My theory. Yes, on the face of it, it looks like a double standard, but perhaps you should save some of that double-standard rage for wondering why women are still only making 80 cents to a dollar or something like that, or why college men are players and women are sluts, or why guys are strong-willed but women are ball-busting bitches. We could play the double-standard game for a while here.

Yes, Dan was white trash. He once received 18 stictches in his hand because he tried to juggle a knife.
Ok, I’ve seen enough. These arguments have convinced better than my friend did.

You got it.

Some things make sense, some things don’t make sense. Personal perceptions are the worst culprit of this. Some people don’t like something for no other reason than it’s not the way they normally do things, therefore it sounds ‘wrong’ to them. Differing degrees of this can mean they take offense at this alternative behaviour or event.

People are fucked up.

Well, I for one hope that cunt remains a deeply offensive word to most people.

When I call someone a cunt, I’m usually trying to offend them.

My name is Katherine. I hate the name Kathy and won’t let anyone call me that. I have no logical reason… nothing I can pinpoint except that I like the name Katherine and dislike the name Kathy. I don’t have any positive or negatively associated aquaintences with either of those names… nothing in books or movies… I just prefer one to the other.

There are lots of pointless things in our society… when I go to my grandfather’s house I have to remember not to put my elbows on the table. Why? Because in his generation it was “rude”… why would putting your elbows on the table be rude? I have no idea. We weren’t seated side by side so it isn’t a space issue. It’s just one of those things that is thought of one way and that’s that.

Kathy, if someone asked you why you prefer to be called Katherine over Kathy, would it offend or bother you? Would you think they are rude?


(only 1 person in the world is allowed to call me Bobby-my dad, anyone else gets 2 shots to the head. So call me Rob or Robbie)

BTW, I also like Katherine better.

cun’t we all just get a long?

Personally, I don’t like the word cunt. Its harsh on the ears. Say it “Cunt”, two sharp consonants and the squishy n sound in the middle. Unbalanced, unkind, sharp. Find more pleasant ways to be crude. (cum drinking road whore?)

[sub]I’m also a Kathryn and never a Kati, Kathy or Kat. I like it because its more formal, elegant and more balanced. Whiel I personally am none of those things, its nice to have a goal. If someone asks why its because I like it better.[/sub]

I think it’s just a conditioned response. Personally, I swear a lot, and even I find it offensive sometimes. I’m not even aware of it all the time – I hear it a lot, I say it a lot, it’s a lazy way to talk, it makes me look ignorant and/or affected, and yeah, I’m trying to cut back. (And yes, I had to backspace because I spelled “cut” wrong, too. Freudian, that.)

Some words offend me more than others. ‘Dick’ doesn’t, as it happens to be my father-in-law’s name. ‘Cock’ just sounds so… well, perky and fun. I don’t blink at ‘fuck’, but ‘fart’ makes my skin crawl. Why? I dunno.

If someone specifically asks you not to say a word around them that they personally find offensive, though, I think that’s a reasonable request.

One other thing - see the movie Chasing Amy for a discussion of passive-aggressiveness involved in name-calling, as well as the answer to the “why can gay guys call each other fags?” question.

Funny, that’s why I like the word. Feels good to say!

cunt cunt cuntity cunt-cunt-cunt!

(That was not addressed at anybody, just saying it out loud)

I guess the taboo part also helps.

In Philosphy class we would always say Kant a little funny so it kinda sounded like cunt.

For the record, I’m not suggesting the word become common place. My only beef is with the general horror and shock I see when the word is used, as if I suggested that the UN really does rule the world or that nazis were ok after all.

I guess the point of saying it is to offend, that I don’t have a problem with. But be pissed at me for calling you a cunt, not that I said cunt.

Oh, so now it’s ok for you to tell me what to feel, and ** what** I should be offended with???

( :wink: )

see how tangled it gets when you start with the ‘you can’t tell me what to say’ gig?

Most probably not the real reason, because its french cognate “con” is the most widely used insult, and quite a mild one. People will routinely say things which would translate : “I’m really a cunt, I missed this oppportunity”, or “everybody is a cunt for someone else” for instance. And I doubt that France has been any less patriarchal than England or the USA.
I doubt one could find an actual explanation for why a particular word came to be considered as especially offensive.

Yes and yes. We had a huge thread about this awhile back, and a few people just completely go insane when they hear that word. There’s no logical reason for it; it’s just that they bitch about it more. You are quite correct; it’s slang for the female genetalia used as an insult towards a female, EXACTLY as “dick” is slang for male genetalia, used as an insult towards a man. The reason some women think it’s different? It basically comes down to “because I say so.”