Cuomo might be in some trouble [Gov has resigned][Brother Chris fired by CNN]

If he was fucking around with the accounting of people infected, like a Republican would do, then he should be in trouble. After all, any sane person will realize that fucking around with covid numbers is fucking around with the lives of real people. Unlike Republicans, Democrats kick people to the curb when they gotta go.

looks like another sleazy career politician.

Another woman is accusing Cuomo of harassment:

Here’s a non-paywalled article:

There might be more out there he MIGHT have harassed. There should be an investigation.

There were never going to be any future presidential runs. Or at least not any more successful than Bill de Blasio’s delusional 2020 campaign.

Cuomo simply cannot stand up to the kind of scrutiny he’d get if he announced a presidential campaign. Start with his abrupt shutdown of the Moreland Commission (to investigate corruption in state government). Move to the conviction of Joe Percoco for accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to deliver favorable treatment by the Cuomo administration for, if I remember right, power plant operators. And then there’s the coverup of nursing home death rates early in the pandemic. And now sexual harassment allegations.

And that’s not to mention his, well, shitty performance as governor of New York. Shitty from the perspective of New York City residents, anyway.

The evidence of him having fudged the numbers isn’t slim, it’s convincing.

That said, about the only thing I’ll defend Cuomo for is is policy of requiring nursing homes to accept people returning from hospitalization.

Many, perhaps most, nursing home residents require specialized care that is simply not available outside of nursing homes or memory care facilities. Some would have literally no place else to go, if they didn’t have family with the ability to take them in (and provide the necessary specialized care).

There simply was no alternative.

My father was diagnosed with COVID in the early months of the pandemic. He’s a resident of a memory care facility. I was hugely concerned that, were he to be hospitalized (he wasn’t), he would not be permitted to return to the facility. I simply cannot house and care for my father, for a number of reasons, and I’m far from the only person in that particular boat.

That said, the nursing home industry in New York State is disgusting cesspool of corruption and mistreatment of the elderly, especially those without significant financial resources, that merits an eternity in hell for nursing home operators and the state regulators (up to and including the governor) who tolerate this state of affairs (and I’m being charitable when I say regulators “tolerate” the situation, rather than accusing them of personally profiting from it).

Different crisis, different time. One is an accusation; two are a potentially pattern. This in tandem with his nursing home mishap is not a good look.

A friend of mine grew up with him and said he was an asshole when he was younger, too.

I generally like his political positions, but you would get that with almost any NY governor. So, here’s hoping he resigns, and takes DeBlasio with him.

He’s not exactly loved Upstate, either. Especially after the NY SAFE Act.

There will be. At first it looked like Cuomo would name his own investigator, a retired judge with connections to a Cuomo aide (although I must note that I’m not aware of any allegations of corruption or scandal concerning Judge Jones).

Now, state Democrats are calling for New York’s attorney general, Letitia James, to appoint an investigator.

James has a pretty good reputation, and I hope we’ll get a real investigation out of this, one that’s neither a whitewash nor a Benghazi-style (or Ukraine-style) investigation where the investigation itself is the punishment, and an outcome to the investigation isn’t actually the point, or even desired.

That was fairly popular in the city, but if upstate hates him for the SAFE Act, and the city hates him for a bunch of other stuff (especially the subway situation), he’s toast.

He lost upstate in at least one of the primaries since, winning heavily in NYC and Long Island. Put up a better candidate than Nixon or don’t have the WFP pull the crap they did regarding Teachout and I agree, he could be done.

Cuomo has agreed to an independent investigation, and I think the NY AG will be the one running it.

From what I can tell, it was a hostile workplace situation (inappropriate comments), not a sexual assault situation (inappropriate touching or exposing). That’s not to say he shouldn’t answer for those – he definitely should. I don’t know if his comments would have gotten him fired from a leadership role at a company – more likely some training and discussions with HR. I’m sure there are examples, though, of people being fired for less.

Fox News is taking the hilarious approach of calling him a predator, and also is seeming to cast similar aspersions on Biden (headline: What About You, Joe?). On Fox News, it’s apparently the biggest story in the country right now. Who would have thought that they would be so opposed to this kind of behavior??

Yeah I heard people on the radio today trying to use whataboutism for President Biden after the statement that Cuomo’s accusers deserve to be heard. They resurrected the Tara Reade accusation, about an incident that supposedly occurred 27 years ago and doesn’t seem to have held up to scrutiny, as if that is some dirty secret everyone ignored. If there was really anything to it, the Trump campaign would have really held it up like a banner, but even they largely ignored it.

One of his accusers said he kissed her on the lips after a one-on-one meeting in his office. So his words may say hostile workplace but the lips that uttered them say inappropriate touching.

And he’s now up to 3rd person coming forward.

This is on top of deliberately lying about covid numbers and threatening to ruin NY Democratic Assemblyman Ron Kim

“Gov. Cuomo called me directly on Thursday to threaten my career if I did not cover up for Melissa [DeRosa] and what she said. He tried to pressure me to issue a statement, and it was a very traumatizing experience,” Kim said. Cuomo proceeded to tell the assemblyman that “we’re in this business together and we don’t cross certain lines and he said I hadn’t seen his wrath and that he can destroy me,” according to Kim.

He’s getting pummeled by people in his own party.

Yes, I mentioned his lying and threatening in my OP. Thanks for the information on the kiss.

Refreshing, right?

Sadly, this is a horrifyingly common problem with the nursing home industry worldwide.

I think he’s toast. The Cuomos have built a machine in NY but dynasties eventually come to an end, and the Cuomos are no different.

Toast. Good riddance to another harasser.

Third allegation: Cuomo Slammed With Yet Another Sexual Misconduct Accusation As Controversies Pile Up | Talking Points Memo

I don’t doubt Assemblyman Kim’s account at all.

On the other hand, I don’t think it’s such a big deal (as opposed to the harassment allegations, which are a big deal).

Really, does anyone think this kind of conversation doesn’t happen a hundred times a day, in every state legislature, in the House, in the Senate? Or in the private sector?

It’s just politics. That’s how it works.