Cuomo might be in some trouble [has resigned]

This notion that women voters are particularly sensitive to these types of issues does not always hold true.

In this case, Cuomo currently appears to have more support from women than from men.

can’t find link but someone on CNN said he’s been a known bully for a long time.

There’s no question about that. My friend new him as a teenager and he was a bully and asshole back then.

Barnes and Noble has his new book 50% off. Guess they watch the news

New accusation, this time from a current aide, who claims he ogled her, made suggestive comments, and remarked on her looks:

I wonder how many women are calling into that investigation to add evidence?

He needs to go.

Throw it on the pile of problems, I guess, but this doesn’t come close to the other allegations. It wasn’t even early vaccine access, it was testing access.

Yeah, that’s like the old trope of saying someone is charged with “murder, rape, grand theft, and jaywalking”.

“Next! Crimes?”

“Jaywalking, murder, rape, grand theft, and jaywalking.”

“Why did you say jaywalking twice?”

“I like jaywalking.”

Surely if you are writing a book for $4 million or so your state government staff would want to help you with it in their free time?

But the New York Times complains this runs afoul of state laws prohibiting use of public resources for personal gain.

Probably not, and don’t call me Shirley.

At least nine former aides have left the administration over the past few months. This includes Gareth Rhodes, who was part of Cuomo’s COVID-19 task force, Caitlin Girouard, Cuomo’s press secretary and most recently, Jack Sterne, a Cuomo spokesman.

Rats deserting a sinking ship?

Investigators looking into sexual harassment allegations against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo interviewed county officials about his “vaccine czar” calling them to assess their support for the embattled governor. The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday that investigators with the state attorney general’s office interviewed at least three Democratic county executives who say Larry Schwartz called to gauge their loyalty to the governor and whether they would urge him to resign.

I’m glad it’s back in the news again because he really should resign.

Basically the investigations are continuing–no new allegations mentioned.

It’s looking pretty awful:


  • New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women who worked for the state and elsewhere, according to report by state Attorney General Letitia James.
  • The investigation concluded that Cuomo “violated federal and state law,” James said at a press conference.
  • Cuomo then retaliated against a former employee who complained publicly about his conduct, James’ report says.
  • The probe into numerous women’s allegations of sexual harassment by Cuomo began in March, after the state’s executive chamber granted James’ request to investigate.

Was about to post this.

Thr NY AG report looks like a legit bombshell and goes further than previous speculation about how pervasive the hostile environment Cuomo created was.

If Cuomo wasn’t able to squash this, I think this is the end of the road for him.

I think his term has hours left, not days. He needs to go.