This is an inch away from being a pit thread, but I intend to stay composed.
CUPS! My workplace had 8 ounce reinforced paper cups for our coffee needs. I was discontent with their size, but I kept it to myself. Then, probably as a cost cutting measure, the cups got replaced by 8 ounce foam cups. They melt ever so slightly in the espresso machine giving all coffee that tangy foam taste.

I decided that cups are so insignificant so that I am going to bring my own mug. Of course, today I forgot my mug and decided to stop by Albertsons and get some paper cups. Well apparently that is TOO MUCH TO ASK! The only cups available at Albertsons that were suitable for hot liquids were 9 ounce foam cups. “Ok” i thought, and went to another store. After 3 stores, I got suspicious. I wound up getting 16 ounce melty foam cups at Rite Aid because they were the closest thing I found to what I was looking for.

I know Smart and Final has decent disposable cups, but I never before realized that they were such a hard-to-find item.

Why would anybody ever under any circumstances need or use 9 ounce foam cups? In todays world of caffeine addiction, 9 ounces barely qualifies as a shot glass much less a cup. The foam feels and tastes horrible. I’m sure some will buy them because they are cheaper, but not to offer an alternative of the insulated paper cups in decent sizes (16-24 oz) is ridiculous.

You think I’m making a big deal out of nothing? Well you try running to the coffee room on another floor 14 times a day for a cup of coffee because the cups are tiny, and ingesting who knows how much styrofoam in the process.

What’s up with that?

Shoulda bought a spare coffee cup, I keep 3 in my office for just such an emergency. One is extra big so I can bust a double cap off in it if I feel like doing a batch by myself…

Why didn’t you just buy a mug at one of the 3 stores? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well none of them had mugs either. I asked in 2 and they said they didn’t carry glassware. The third I was running out of time in.

What amazes me is that your work provides cups. Is the coffee free or do you have to contribute to the coffee club or something?

Damn. My work stopped providing water three years ago.

So yeah, small cups are horrible. Those, usually red, plastic cups most people use for beer and such at picnics and parties can withstand four minutes in the microwave if you double them up. Buy a pack of those for your desk.

I’ll bet you even have mirrors in your bathrooms, huh? Lucky bastard.

I’m amazed that there are workplaces that DO not provide cups. How is that business policy? I didn’t realize my workplace was THAT special, I mean I love it here, but … I probably shouldn’t say anything about the free catered dinners runs away