Curb Your Enthusiasm 3/7/04 - "Let's Roll?"

In last night’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry and Cheryl are about to renew their vows, and Larry suggests they get started by saying “let’s roll”. The Rabbi, whose brother in law died on 9/11 (by getting hit by a biker on 57 St), got offended by this comment, and at first refused to perform the ceremony.

…what am I missing here?

Were you alive in 2001? “Let’s roll!” was said on Flight 93 over Pennsylvania before the passengers revolted against the highjackers. It became the signature phrase in the days following…

Jesus Christ! That was a great episode…

The wife of the guy who apparently said it wrote a book about it:

Let’s Roll

Aye, and I think the joke is partly based on the Beamer Foundation’s ill-advised attempt to trademark the phrase “Let’s Roll”.

Odd thing is, I’ve been saying “Let’s roll” for years (or some variant, e.g. “Let’s rock n’ roll”) when suggesting to a group of people that it’s time to head to lunch, or to get the kids in the car, or whatever. Recently a coworker told me not to say it because that’s what Mr. Beamer said.

Not to be disrespectful, but so what? I don’t see how not saying it shows respect for the events of 9/11, or how saying it shows disrespect. Or is it that people don’t want to be reminded of that date, and the phrase is an unpleasant reminder?

I’d welcome any advice.

I agree with you Dav01, it is right to remember he said it and remember those events, but it doesn’t stop you having the right to say it. I mean you dont stop listening, or even singing songs by dead musicians do you? (yes i know its a little different, but same principle). And for the record i say ‘lets rock and roll’ all the time.

“It’s a date that will live in eternity”. :cool:

This is the kind of thing you’re up against, dav01.

Me, I have an urge to play StarCraft, and build me some Sacred Science Vessels.

I could have a field day with this knucklehead over his superficial understanding of theology, but I’m at work and don’t have time. In the meantime, color me sacrilegious.

I think it was just the absurdity of it all. The rabbi’s brother-in-law was killed on 9/11-- not in the buildings, but rather uptown by a bike messenger. And yet the rabbi still claims his b-i-l as a 9/11 “casualty.”

Funny shit, but not as funny as Colby from “Survivor: Australia” arguing with a Holocaust survivor about who survived worse condidtions. Or Larry being blinded by sunlight reflecting off the survivor’s glass eye. Or Larry showing up at the hotel room for his one-night stand with his dry cleaning.
This was the funniest f#ckin’ episode I’ve ever seen. Ever.


I’ve been thinking of starting a “Curb” appreciation thread. I love this show. Holy Christ that episode was funny last night.

The dialogue between Colby and the holcaust survivor had me pissing my pants.

“Flip Flops? I was in a concentration camp!”
“Have you ever seen the show?”
Did you ever see our show? It was called the HOLOCAUST!

Larry and the sheet with the hole in it. Hysterical.

Larry trying to weasel out of the “eternity” part of his vows. I loved it. :smiley:
Funniest show on television. It’s brilliant.

The last two CYE episodes have been absolutely brilliant. The “Girls Gone Wild” stuff and Wandering Bear’s “How is your vagina?” bit had me rolling last week. The 9/11, holocaust vs. TV survivor, and Gina Gershon bits were hilarious this week --“You come here to fuck, or to talk about your dirty suit?..huh?..fuck or suit?”

I have no brand loyalty, but The Sopranos and CYE make me love HBO.

Yes, this episode was funny, but it was not the funniest.

The brilliant episodes are the ones where several stupid incidents conspire to build up to a brilliant punchline at the end.

Case in point (and for my money, the funniest epidsode ever):

Incident 1: Larry is in Jeff’s office, when Jeff shows him the picture the automatic red-light camera has taken of him.

Incident 2: Larry drives by Wanda Sykes as she’s jogging, and makes a lame joke about him “recognizing that ass anywhere.”

Incident 3: Wanda tells Cheyl about Incident 2 and they accuse Larry about having a thing for asses.

Incident 3: Jeff and his wife get in a fight and Jeff moves out to a small hotel.

Incident 4: Jeff sends Larry back to his house to get some clothes.

Incident 5: At Jeff’s house, Jeff’s parents are there, and they don’t know where Jeff is. Larry agrees to take Jeff’s mother back with him to the hotel to see Jeff.

Incident 6: On the drive over, Jeff’s mother complains how Larry has strewn Jeff’s clothes all over the back seat. From her front passenger seat position, she reaches into the back seat and straightens up all the clothes.

Incident 7: Back home, Larry is tired while Cheryl takes in the mail. She announces that Larry has a letter from the city. Of course, Larry tells her to open it, and it is a ticket for running a red light, the infraction captured by a red light camera. The picture is Larry looking ar Jeff’s mother’s ass, as it takes up the entire space between the driver and passenger seats as she was fixing the clothes in the back seat.

It was much funnier on the actual show. This show’s big punchline was the Survivor contestant telling Larry as they both stood outside the hotel after the earthquake, “We survived.” I’m not saying that every episode must have a dynomite punchline at the end, but I still chuckle whenever I think of that red light camera picture of Jeff’s mother’s ass and the horrified look on Larry David’s face as he stared at it.

I agree, the show seems to be hitting it’s stride. Last week’s was excellent, but this week’s was plain brilliant. I can’t wait to see next week’s 2-hour finale when the Producers opens and when we get to see if he’ll get his 10th anniversary present.

As for the “lets roll” I agree that it’s crazy to ask people not to say it. It’s a phrase that was used on 9/11, I don’t see how it damages the memory of what happened if people continue to use it. I think some people just NEED things to complain about.

This season has been great! In fact, my favorite episode, Crazee Eyez Killa, was replaced by one that ran this season, Carpool Lane.

This show is the funniest show on television. One of my favorite episodes was when Larry tried to sell cars.

I believe the finale is just one hour, not two.

Two hours of Curb would take a long time to film.

This was a series I didn’t warm up to at first, but now I consider it one of the funniest series on television in years. the “Let’s Roll” espisode was certainly a classsic!

Quick - somebody get a sponge!

I too am looking forward to the (one hour) season end next week. I am sure The Producers will be done as it has never been done before.