Cure for hoccoughs (hiccups, hiccoughs)

And just in time for New Years…

Take a deep breath - as deep as you can. Then suck in more air. Keep sucking in more and more, kind of like a fish does when landed, and keep sucking in air until you can’t any longer, then hold it as long as you can. If it doesn’t work the first time, exhale and repeat. Guaranteed cure, as it stretches out your diaphragm and releaves the spasm.

I await my Nobel Prize.

The cure that works most often for me is very slow, controlled breathing. It takes a few minutes but usually does the trick.

Even better is to soak a lemon slice in bitters and then eat it as fast as possible. But I usually don’t have those things lying around.

I get terrible hiccups and the only thing that has ever ever worked is to drink a glass of water while plugging my ears and nose. It’s quite a feat.

Winston, I’ve been using your technique for as long as I can remember and it is the only cure that not only seems to reliably work but probably works through physical means rather than just being a concentration/distraction device.

If a friend has hiccoughs and you want to freak them slightly, get them to do as winston says. While they hold their breath place the tips of your first 2 or 3 fingers* on their temples and stare into their eyes.

Hey-presto you’ve cured their hiccougs by mind power!
*You can earn extra geek points by doing the Vulcan mind meld.

Yep, I like that method if I’m truly desperate. My first step is simply to breathe somewhat deeply and slowly, while visualizing my diaphragm making smooth, slow movements. It works almost all the time. (Which drives my husband batty, b/c he can’t do it and HATES the hiccups.)

But yeah, if you’re so bad off that you can’t even take one breath without spasming, applying extreme pressure in the way you describe seems to work pretty well!

According to James Thurber, a sure cure for hiccups is to twist your little finger and say “Garbo” backwards.

You have to drink a glass of water while turnig yuor head upside down. Yes you’ll spill some water, but something about concentrating on this task, takes your mind off the hiccups and you stop

Just one spoon of sugar will do the trick, no fancy steps, just swallow it in one.

Saw this on TV once, no cite: Surprise the hiccupper by whipping out a track meet “starters pistol” loaded with blanks, aim at the hiccupper’s forehhead at short range and pull the trigger.

Got to make 100% sure that it’s not a real, loaded gun, elsewise the hiccuper may lose more than just his hiccupps.


Do not point a pistol loaded with blanks at a person at close range.

I’ve always done the opposite and they’ve gone away faster. Force all the air you can out of your lungs and then hold it. You’ll only be able to do it 10 - 15 seconds or so since your body is looking to take more air in, but after 3 times there’s never been any sign of them left for me.

Similarly, hyperventilating works for me. Forcibly exhale completely, then inhale until you can’t take any more in. Repeat ~10 times or until they’re gone. Or until you pass out. (If you feel light-headed, stop. [/seriously])

this works for me every time - I do it over a sink so its less of a mess. But it works!

I remember a girl in school who would literally hiccup all day long, nothing cured it for her. I think in high school she actually had to have some sort of surgery to fix it.