Cure what ails me with 1 magic ingredient!

I can’t seem to shake this…congestion and clogged ears. Don’t know if it’s a summer cold or allergies or whatever. I feel AWFUL.

So, I’m making my tea. What is the one thing you would add to my tea to make me feel better/knock this thing out?


In my tea?:confused:

I read quickly on my phone. Time for me to get those glasses.

Big shot of vodka? Or ten. Then you won’t care about your sinuses.

Does it have to go in your tea? Because I’ve heard, um, from a friend, that masturbation will clear up congestion right quick. And even if it’s only briefly, you’re awfully happy about it.

Sounds like I should combine the PREVIOUS 2 suggestions

Your, umm, friend sounds like a real, ahem, jerkoff.
How about Jägermeister, which can be covertly found in bottles labeled “Vicks Formula 44-D”. :wink:

Have you tried a neti pot? They are great for sinus issues.

As for your drink, I was thinking something spicy might make you feel better. Grated ginger. Or, I hear lemon and cayenne pepper is good.

I hope you feel better soon.

Do not masturbate into your tea.

Time. If you spend about two weeks drinking your tea, you’ll probably feel a lot better when you’re done.

Does this caution come from experience?:smiley:

Thanks. I’ll try the grated ginger first

But if you try echinacea it’ll clear up in only 14 days.

Fenugreek seeds.

Wasabi, 2 ozs.

You’re cured.

1 MAGIC ingredient? ummm…eye of newt?

A couple of hot bricks always did the trick for me: bourbon, honey, hot water. Maybe a little butter.

Cure what ails me with 1 magic ingredient!

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