Curiosity's Weight

I keep seeing about how the Curiosity rover weighs a ton, but is that a ton on Earth, or a ton on Mars?

According to the NASA press kit, its mass is 899 kg so it would weigh about a ton (.99) on Earth. Surface gravity of Mars is 38% that of Earth so it weighs proportionately less on Mars.

I thought so too, but then I saw this nugget on (last paragraph, first page):

I’m more inclined to believe NASA than ABC, but then where did ABC get the 5,293 figure?

Ah, that’s the complete EDL system…

Mass: 8,463 pounds (3,893 kilograms) total at launch, consisting of 1,982-pound (899-kilogram) rover; 5,293-pound (2,401-kilogram) entry, descent and landing system (aeroshell plus fueled descent stage); and 1,188-pound (539-kilogram) fueled cruise stage.

With that kind of mass, anyone know what would happen if it landed on a cat?

There are cats on Mars??!!!?!??!

Not any more.

Nothing, until you observed it.

As reported by the Weekly World News on March 22, 2004. Although I cannot seem to find a good link to the story or illuistration.



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That’s what they’re going to find out!

if so they would be cool cats.

I wonder if that’s one of the many ways to skin them.

I believe it’s been documented that Mars’ kitten population remains in an eternal state of kittenhood.

But Mars is no place to raise a kitten.

Because there’s no mice cream?

Nope, the only business are Mars bars.

Terrific cite/document.

Flat cat