Curious - SDBM forums no longer with us??

I’ve noticed the odd pattern of forum IDs that show up in the links to view the seperate forums off the SDMB main page, but today I finally got around to listing all of them. The forum IDs, in ascending order, seem to show a fairly natural chronological order:

forum name                  id
Comments on Cecil's columns  1
About this message board     2
General Questions            3
MPSIMS                       4
The BBQ Pit                  5
Comments on Staff reports    6
Great Debates                7
In My Humble Opinion        12
Café Society                13

I’m curious about the gap between GD at 7 and IMHO at 12, though… are there a few forums that have gotten removed from the lineup? I haven’t been on the board for that long and I don’t remember any change.

Also, if this should be in GQ or something, let me know. I thought since it was board-related that ‘about’ was the best place for it.

There are fora that are only for the mods and admins, which are not visible to us regular members. I would imagine there are also fora for only the admins, as well, but I don’t know for sure.

There are some secret forums which were accidentally on display immediately after the upgrade, and in which I posted.
They are exclusively for mods and/or admins.


Ahh, thanks. That makes perfect sense, but I didn’t think of it!


Old Time Link

Some FYI stuff for ya.

There are some secret forums which were accidentally on display immediately after the upgrade, and in which I posted.
AH HA! Evidence of a secret society right here in the SDMB!

Where did I put that tinfoil?

Also, there is rumour that some of the folks who assign stuff to stuff are not real adept at counting in base 10, they’re computer-wizards, they count base 8. Thus, only 10 and 11 were missing, that was the night the secret cache of scotch disappeared, too.



I think Loach was probably intending that to be a quote, Lobsang.

Either that, or you’ve got a problem stalker on your hands, and can expect a little echo every time you post. :smiley:

One of them is the Troll File. When necessary, Lynn uploads offenders as digital binary large objects (blobs) and stores them in the Troll File, which prevents them from reregistering under a new screen name.

Ah, so they’re 1920’s Style Fora!

On vBulletin, when you make a new subforum, it will give it a number that is one higher than the last subforum that was created. When a forum is deleted, the next forum created after that won’t have the number of the deleted forum.

Let’s say I’ve got a fresh copy of vBulletin, and I create four forums.

General Talk (1)
Board Questions (2)
Board Announcements (3)

I decide to get rid of Board Questions, not by renaming but by removing it. I add a new subforum for geeks. Now, I’ve got …

General Talk (1)
Board Announcements (3)
Computers, Anime, Star Trek, RPGs and Monty Python (4)

Oh yeah … there’s the mysterious Board 15.

And don’t forget Forum 51 where all the threads of extra terrestrial origin are stored… Weather balloon my foot!



It’s been nice knowing you Lobsang


Take my word for it, don’t even ask.

So what exactly was it that you linked to that seemed so dangerous that Czarcasm had to replace it with a link to that dumb broads* section of the website?

The address he replaced the link with was

The missing forums give many answers, including those to the following;

What purpose do shortwave radio “Numbers Stations” serve?

Are there UFO’s?

Where is Elvis today?

Who REALLY shot JFK?

How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck? (That is, assuming a woodchuck could chuck wood)

and, I assume QED has proven him self worthy in the recent past to gain admitance.