Curious Windows issue

I had an unwanted file on my computer which, when I tried to delete it, returned the error: “cannot delete: file name too large,” etc, etc. But, I also got the same error when I tried to change the file name.

I went into the DOS shell and was able to delete it there, but I’m curious as to what the exact issue was that rendered me unable to change the file in any way in windows.

“All Windows are not created equal”

What version?

Search Method: Google >windows cannot delete file name long > - Cannot delete file with long name (Windows 2000 …

Too true, alterego… and thanks for the ‘google’ tip. I’m running windows 98.

Though, all I could find on google was a solution (people are saying either do as I did and open a dos shell, or get some special deletion software). But, I haven’t figured out why it’s a problem. Anyone have any ideas?

In my opinion,its most likely another one of their fine software bugs.