Current Fantasy

Last night I dreamed about eating fatty foods. Today, all I want is a back rub from a professional masseuse.

Daydreams of sex and/or exotic travel have taken a back seat to creature comforts.
What’s your current fantasy?

I’ve occasionally toyed with the idea of starting a thread about non-sexual fantasies. Here’s a couple:

Sometimes I like to think of people that I hate being locked in a room together…say, annoying co-worker locked in a room with evil step-dad. What would happen? Wouldn’t be pretty, I can tell you that much.

If I find myself working with several other people in a small space, say, if the whole family is in the kitchen putting away the groceries, I like to pretend that we are actors in a play and all of our bending and stretching and turning and bumping into each other is actually a highly choreographed performance.

I know…I’m an utter freak.

I want to be stretched.

Fortunately, this will happen in about 4.5 hours. :slight_smile:

Getting enough sleep.

Getting a job animating.
You know, like what I went to school for and am in debt because.