Current "fashion" is ugly!!!! ugly, Ugly, UGLY!!!

I know this isn’t a world shaking problem or anything, but I’m so sick of trying to find cute clothing!!!

What ever happened to flattering clothing? Spike heels, peplum jackets, jeans that fit and aren’t falling off the hips or with the crotch down to the knees?

What is up with the big, clumsy-looking huge, chunky heels on shoes? These things look like the kind of aged, out-of-date, old lady shoes that were once only found at garage sales and thrift stores.

What’s up with having every item of clothing “square-shaped”??? What happened to WAISTS???

And where do you clothing designers get off calling jeans that fit a woman’s body “reverse fit”? Wouldn’t “reverse fit” be the ones that are shaped straight up and down (like a boy), be more correctly termed “reverse fit” than the ones that have a smaller waist than hips be “regular” for women?

Who decided that boxy too-small shirts with one button, that are made with ugly polyester material, are attractive matches for baggy pants in hideous neon colors? (my GOSH!!! and who, in this day and age, would be caught dead in polyester??).

Highwater pants?? (blech) Herion “chic” (starved, on their deathbed looking models) in the words of the ad “Eat something already”!!!

And when, is the baggy-pants thug look going to go away??? (although, they, or rather trouble walking in them for those wearing them, made for the only funny part in a really stupid movie “High School High”).

Yuck!!! Come ON NY, or Milan, or whoever starts these trends, give us some choices here huh?

Sorry, I just went shopping for a cute outfit for a date and nearly went nuts at the ugly stuff that passes for “fashion” in this day and age. Thanks for the vent space, hehe.

I was shocked by an 80’s fashion collides with a 70’s fashion clothing incident yesterday.

A schoolgirl was on my tram wearing - and I kid you not - Flared Leg Warmers!!

Ick Yuck Eurgh

You have to admit the Wet Seal-looking stuff is pretty cool. And I like clunky shoes, but I wore them before they were in fashion.

Amen on the “what happened to the waist” thing.

I just bought some khakis via mail order, and they are just slightly lowcut.

For a broad with a little bit of a pot belly, it wasn’t really the style I was going for.

Blue jeans and t-shirts. Can’t go wrong.

Yes, I want to be a Ramone.

Spike heels are EVIL. Ever try and walk in them?

And I LOVE the ruffly-sleeved blouses. I have five of them.

LOL!! Try and walk in them? I have about 40 pairs!!

I love the way they make my legs look, and the way they make me walk (I think guys like it too).

But I agree about the poet blouses (those aren’t the ones I was “dissin”, lol. I meant the square plain ones with no ruffles or shape, just too small and truly ugly colors like puke lime green paisley). Those are about the only feminine things I’ve been able to find in this “fashion era”.

Well, those peasant blouses make me look pregnant. Doesnt’ go to well with that salt-and-pepper hair. And I’m with Canvas, shoes are my passion, but PLEASE !!! I wouldn’t dress my dog in those.

My 17-yr old daughter is looking for a prom dress; she’s all bent because she wants to look like a lady instead of a Ho, but all those two-piece give her fits.

whew thanks ya’ll I feel better now ! :wink:

Uh, I think clunky-heeled shoes have been in style for about 5 years now. At least, I remember them being hip when I was in high school.

I’ve never been able to wear reverse-fit jeans, because every time I find a pair that fits me around the waist, the thighs flare out so it looks like I’m wearing denim parachute pants. So I’m glad they’ve started square-cutting women’s clothes, makes it easier to find a fit. (FTR, my measurements are something like 36-33-36, so I’m an anomaly.)

I think the thing with mall department stores is that they stock only what’s in style at the time, and due to the whims of fashion you may end up perusing a whole department full of stuff that all looks more or less the same.

I’ve started buying clothes from wholesalers and from secondhand shops. At least there’s a lot more variation in cut and style between clothes.

You have to tuck them into tight jeans and belt them with a neat belt, I think “wide” is in this season, but I don’t really follow the fashion industry, I’m a rebel and like to search vintage shops and sew my own.

Oh, and unless you want Audrey Levins’ Walmart Captain Fashion snapping his snippy little fingers in your face, make sure your belt, purse and shoes all match, hehe.:smiley:

Oh … and Converse high tops (Chuckie Taylors).

Trust me, people.

sigh I think I’ll just start wearing muu-muus. Big, flowery muu-muus.

Once again, I am glad I am a male 20-something college studnet. If I wear nothing but jeans and T-shirts and the same beat up pair of New Balance every single day, no one cares.

I just wear flowy skirts and fitted blouses, with tailored coats. And ballet shoes. Or heels. Or boots.

All my heels ARE chunky though. I can’t walk in spike heels.

I haven’t worn jeans in…forever.

Where did you find them? I haven’t seen a pair of non-clunky heels since I was old enough to buy my own clothes (and my feet have, sadly, changed size since then…)

Clunky heels do not look good on big feet. Or at least not on mine. They just look really, really big - like the feet that ate Tokyo. It’s tragic.

To teenage boys in the thug-wannabe category:

Boxers and wife-beaters ARE old man underwear whether you like or not whether you accept it or not. You are wearing your grandfather’s underwear.

And what’s up with the bell-bottoms? The HUGE ones that drag on the ground?

I’m not exactly poetry in motion, you know? But those damn things…dear Goddess, if I ever tried to walk in those, I’d have two broken legs before I ever left the fitting room!

Oh, and please…pull up your freaking pants. I do NOT need to see the waistline of your boxers! They’re UNDERWEAR. Didn’t your mother ever teach you that your underwear isn’t supposed to show?

That’s it. Everybody get naked, right now.

I’m probably revealing my “old fart” mentality, but I don’t think it’s very appropriate for navels, stomachs, and buttcracks to be revealed in everyday dress. At the beach or pool, sure; but not at the office or church or at a fancy restaurant (enough to make me lose my appetite in some cases)! :rolleyes:

There are some awesome pieces in the windows of the Daytons in downtown Minneapolis - really feminine dresses & skirts & tops. Alas, it’s all from the Oval Room (the haute couture department), but it’s nice to dream.

I hear that styles from the 1940’s are supposed to be “in” this year, but the items in the windows are more a mix of the “teens”, the 20s, and some recent styles (those short, a-line skirts that have been popular for a few years now).