Fashion that is NOT flattering

I don’t know about other parts of the world, but here in Aus at the moment, the craze is hip-hugging jeans that expose the midriff.
Now I reckon they look fine from the front…the Pretty Young Things who wear them don’t seem to mind that they are probably freezing to death in our recent cold snap, but, hey, who said fashion was painless?

It’s the view from behind that bugs the hell out of me. Because the jeans are so low, and the back pockets go right down to the thigh, it makes their bums look like they are short and squat. It seems that there is only about 6" between the waist and the bottom of the bum. Instead of a nice rounded shape, their butts take on this weird featureless role.

Well, IMHO, they are NOT flattering regardless of the figure of the wearer.
Does anybody else feel this way about these jeans, or have any other ‘fashion’ items that look gross on most people (not just people who don’t have the ‘ideal’ supermodel shape?)

I hate those asymetrical lycra tops with the strap going over one shoulder.

I agree your opinion of low-rise pants to the extent that it applies to ones with small pockets. Otherwise, they look good on the right person.

Those stupid nylon stocking skullcaps-especially the ones with the little curtain down the back. What the HELL? Why are you wearing pantyhose on your head!

Practically anything from an expensive desinger who expects you to pay thousands for, say, a denim skirt with holes in it. Those stupid ugly eight inch wide belts with country-and-western fringes. Ugh.

kambuckta, so that’s what bothered me about super low rise jeans! I remember trying some on in the store, and there was just something about the view from behind that didn’t seem quite right. So I settled for some that sat higher on the hips, and now there’s the added bonus that I don’t show bum cleavage. :wink:

Well, that was just MHO Kayeby, but I have not seen ONE SINGLE bum that looks good in them.

I just remembered another freaky thing…those mid-calf lace-up boots that seem to be the preferred footwear of many young Asian ladies…I reckon it makes them look as if they have ricketts. They have a tendency to make the legs look outwardly bowed, especially the ones that have 6" heels on them!

Those are wavecaps, and they actually serve a purpose. They produce waves in the wearer’s hair. And by waves, I mean that nice wavy look you see in many black men’s hair. Practical only on African-Americans, however, or people with similar hair. On a white boy, it IS ridiculous.

I agree about the low-rise jeans. They might look great from the front, but most of them make the ass look truncated, no pun intended. :slight_smile:

I also dislike the asymmetrical shirts. It’s not 1974, damn it.

HEY I tried a pair of these on at Esprit a while back and guess what - they made me look like I have NO ASS. I mean NONE!

And the thing is, I’m quite bootyliscious - JLo ain’t got nothing on me baby. I’ve got some Junk In The Trunk, some Cushin’ For the Pushin’ if you know what I mean, and it COMPLETELY VANISHED!!

I spent a few minutes in the store actually *LOOKING FOR MY BUTTOCKS *!

It was an odd experience, to say the least.

My personal pet peeve is those teeny, tiny little hair butterflies that women seem to put in their hair, in quantity. I just think they look goofy.

The manager of the Charlotte Rousse store in my mall got on the parking shuttle bus the other day and I burst out laughing…had to bite my lip to stop. She had on a belly shirt that exposed about three inches of skin above the waitband of a white, see-through knit skirt that was basically a half-slip…same weight, elastic, edging on the hem. But it was that bare skin…a roll of bare skin…that set me off. I see so many girls wearing cropped shirts that expose really flabby tummies…some with stretch marks…I thought the whole purpose of the shirts were to tantalize with a glimpse of toned, taut tummy. Not a roll hanging over their waistband.

For those not familiar, Charlotte Rousse is a store that specializes in inexpensive, poorly made, junior hooker clothes…lots of jersey knit, glitter on camoflage, garish colors and see-through tops.

I see lots of kids wearing sun visors backwards and upside-down. It looks extremely stupid. I keep thinking, “What–you want to funnel rain water into your ears?”

Glitter makeup, especially glitter lipstick. I remember when glitter was worn only by 7 year olds while playing dress-up. When I see grown woman wearing the stuff, I wonder if they’ve gone all nostalgic for their long-lost Tinkerbell makeup kit.

Any pair of pants with “flares.” You know, there’s a reason people stopped wearing bell bottoms lo these many years ago.

Hey, most of this has been pretty good so far, but stay away from my boot cut and flare-legged pants… :mad:

And my glitter! Well, okay, I mainly only use glitter on my nails, but still… :frowning: If I didn’t have a gut, I’d wear low-rise jeans; I remember them fondly from when I was in middle school.

Stupid fashion trends, imo:
-Gangsta pants. Geez, guys, if you want to wear a skirt, wear a skirt.
-Bras under tank tops. Uh, no.
-Babydoll dresses on anyone who is no longer an actual toddler.
-Banana clips and huge scrunchies. If that’s all you can do with your hair, get it cut.

A couple of years ago the fashion in Japan was called “ganguro” or “blackface”, with all that the name implies.

Teenage girls would tan (or paint) their faces as dark as they could, then wear white lipstick and caked-on sky-blue eye makeup. Combined with the bleached hair, they looked like badly colorized Al Jolsons.

The pair in this photo are a mild example. Check out the boots, though. Scroll down (and keep scrolling) here for a couple more horrifying examples.

Sublight, oh my! :eek:

Well, let’s see. We’ve had the long capri/high-water pants look for a while. And the 3/4 length sleeve. All of which were to be worn skin-tight. Now we’ll add in the hip-hugger waistlines and the short little tops that don’t cover the navel.

Folks, this no longer looks sexy. It looks like every teen and pre-teen girl in the country grew six inches in her sleep last night! :rolleyes:

I hate jeans that have really tiny um… ankles (holes to slip your feet through?). Thin women look fine in them, but the jeans just emphasize a larger woman’s thighs. That is why I like jeans that are slightly flared. I don’t like the short shorts that are so popular, but I don’t like knee-length shorts either. I just want a nice pair of mid-thigh jean shorts, but I’m not having any luck. Oh, and when I see saddle shoes on anyone older than age 10, I totally crack up.

What are saddle shoes ?

Saddle shoes are back in fashion again??

Saddle shoes here.

I had a pair of white and blue platform saddle shoes when I was in high school. Someone even thought enough of them to steal them from me.

I haven’t seen anyone mention the oversized pants young males are wearing today. A neighbor kid wears jeans about 20 sizes to large, he has to hold them up or they will fall to the ground, the crotch is below the knee and the bottom 6 inches are all chewed up from being walked on. Come on, buy a belt to hold them up at least.

Shirts with spaghetti straps or tank tops, with bra straps showing through. My mother taught me when I was 10 that it was trashy to have your bra straps showing, and I still can’t get it out of my head. All I can think of when I see the straps showing is “White Trash”.