current name for countries

I have 20-odd year old trivia book in my room. One of the entries is national capitals, but these nation names I don’t recognize. Could someone ID them for me:

Br. Honduras
Br. Solomon Is.
Comor Is.
Faeroe Is.
Fr Polynesia
Malagasy Rep.
New Caledonia
New Hebrides
Orkney Is
Port. Guinea
Port. Timor
Rhodesia (Congo?)
Sp Sahara
Turks and Caricos Is
Upper Volta
Wallis et Futuna Is
Yemen Arab Rep (NOT Yemen)

From the ESPN almanac Olympic section

Sorry this was SOOO F-ing LONG!

Search the CIA World Fact Book:

French Polynesia is still known by the same name. I believe Tahiti is amongst the islands that make up that French territory.

Potugese Timor is now an independent country known as East Timor.

Dahomey is now known as Benin.

Rhodesia is now known as Zimbabwe.

Upper Volta is now known as Burkina Faso.

The Yemem Arab Republic is now part of the united country of Yemen; once the current Yemen was divided into north and south like Korea and (once) Vietnam.

The others I think still have the same names, though some of them are not their own countries, but territories of others, like French Polynesia, mentioned above.

Thessalonika is part of Greece, Smyrna is part of Turkey, and Bohemia is part of what was once Czechoslovakia, but now that that country split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, I’m not certain which one contains Bohemia.

Thanks kirk! can’t find everything (haven’t tried), but FUN nevertheless!

cmkeller: couldn’t find Thessalonika, great info!

Try looking for Theassalonika under Thessaly, it’s anglizied name.

Br. Honduras (i.e. British Honduras) is now Belize
Br. Solomon Is. (i.e. British Solomon Islands Protectorate) is now the Solomon Islands, in the South Pacific
Comor Is. presumably a typo for Comoros? They’re in the Indian Ocean
Dahomey is now Benin, in west Africa
Faeroe Is. – the Faeroe Islands are between Norway, Iceland and Scotland. They are a partially independent territory of Denmark
Guernsey is one of the Channel Islands, a self-governing crown dependency of the UK off the French coast (there was an extra “e” in your post)
Malagasy Rep. is now Madagascar, Indian Ocean again
Orkney Is – part of the UK, north of Scotland
Port. Guinea (i.e. Portuguese Guinea) is now Guinea Bissau, west Africa again
Reunion is an island in the Indian ocean, an overseas department of France
Sp Sahara (i.e. Spanish Sahara) is now Western Sahara
Sikkim is a Himalayan state of India, next to Nepal
Turks and Caricos Is is a typo (?) for the Turks and Caicos Islands, a British overseas territory in the Caribbean
Wallis et Futuna Is – a French overseas territory in the Caribbean
Yemen Arab Rep (NOT Yemen) – I believe North and South Yemen have combined to become just Yemen these days
Bohemia is in the Czech Republic

Great leg work everton! BTW, the book’s copyright was 1977.

And New Hebrides is now Vanuatu. It used to be a British/French condominium until 1980.

You mean the Pacific. NE of Fiji.