[GAME] All the Countries in the World trivia game

Inspired by this thread

Using just the random crap in your head, name three trivial factoids about each country by population

1 China

Chairman Mao, Great Wall, invented gunpowder

  1. India - center of the Hindu religion, used to be part of the British Empire, the Nehru-Gandhi political dynasty

Next country:

  1. United States
  1. United States - founded in 1776 by uppity Brits who didn’t want to pay tax on their tea; landed a man on the moon in 1969; invented the reality TV show.

Next: 4. Indonesia

  1. Indonesia - Former Dutch colony, lots of oil, biggest Muslim population.


  1. Brazil


Official language is Portugese, capital is Brasilia, has won more World Cups in soccer than any other country
6. Pakistan

Has territory which fall in the Mid East the Subcontinemt, Central Asia. Is dissected in two by the Indus River and the first country to recognise it’s independance was Iran.


  1. Nigeria - Most populous country in Africa, fought a bitter civil war in the sixties, has a big movie industry


  1. Bangladesh

Was formely East Pakistan, inspired a famed benefit concert (and Grammy winning album) featuring George Harrison, its capital is Dhaka
9. Mother RUSSIA!

Home of communism, has lots of minarets, very bad at killing beloved advisors of the Romanovs.

  1. Japan

“Land of the Rising Sun”
Ruled by an Emperor
Only place nuclear weapons have been used in war


Botswana is largely covered by the Kalahari desert, is one of the few peaceful democracies in Southern Africa, and has been devastated by HIV/AIDS
That was a nice detour. But back to #11


Site of the Aztec civilisation. Offical name is the United Mexican States. The largest Spanish speaking country in the world.


Discovered by Ferdinand Magellan (who died there), largest city is Manila, formerly housed one of the US Navy’s largest bases at Subic Bay

  1. Vietnam

Vietnam: site of a bloody non-war involving US troops, setting for a comedy/drama movie starring Robin Williams, was once known as French Indo-China

  1. Dominican Republic

Shares an island with Haiti, home to dozens of major league baseball players, was invaded by US troops in 1965
But that’s not the next country on the lsit. That would be…

  1. Ethiopia

Co-invented coffee (with Yemen)
Invented Rastafarianism.
Snow loving monkeys up in the mountains

  1. Egypt
  1. Egypt

Home to the Sphinx
Once part of the United Arab Republic
Has been ruled by Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak

  1. Germany (oh good, and easy one)
  1. Germany (oh good, and easy one)

United in the 19th century; started two world wars; divided into two countries during the Cold War

  1. Iran

Not once known as Persia, the local name has always been some variation of Iran. Invaded by the British and the Soviets in 1941. Probably the cultural heart of most of the middle east and S Asia region.


  1. Turkey

Capital is Ankara,
Was home of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires,
Was a valuable ally of US during Korean War

  1. Democratic Republic of the Congo