How many countries...

can you name in five minutes?

I got 56 on the first try. :slight_smile:

I got 69.

81 for me.

69 here too. Wow. I completely blanked for ages once I got to the Urals or the Panama Canal.

Oh yeah. I forgot Panama :stuck_out_tongue:

I got 74 but my score was limited by my poor typing skills

69, first try. Common score, I wonder why.

It’s a bit of a typing skill test to some extent.

Got 100 on the nose, but it took me a few tries to realize I couldn’t hit “enter.”

I got 88, but I had an advantage. After hearing during the Olympic opening ceremonies that there were 204 countries represented in the Games, I mentally alphabetized the participating regimes during idle moments over the last few days. Even so, I skipped over a few while starting with the “A’s” and getting about 40% of the way through before the five-minute clock ran out. I also wasn’t sure how broad the game makers’ definition of “countries” was, so I listed only independent nations. I wonder how many players have actually come up with

such outposts as Kingman Reef and Peter I Island?

I got 74, don’t think I could’ve typed faster than that. I DID waste about thirty Seconds trying to spell Kazakhstan, however (never did get it, thought it had an I).

77, i forgot a lot

I had one bash at Kyrgyzstan and then moved on!

61 the first try–and I don’t touch-type.

Me too.

Every time I do this thing, I end up with the Animaniacs countries of the world song running through my head, but I only remember bits of it (when I was eight, I knew the whole thing). So after a couple minutes, I end up with one part of my brain repeating “SYRIA LEBANON ISRAEL JORDAN” and another part going “I GOT THOSE ALREADY, STFU.”

It didn’t accept either “Holland” or “The Netherlands” so I gave it up as a pointless exercise.


I also start doing the Animaniacs Countries of the World song, but I fail to remember the lyrics properly after Peru, so I have to force myself not to try to use it.

I got 96.

I hate that at the end they tell you which countries you “forgot.” 5 minutes is not a lot of time to type - I didn’t “forget” any of them…at least not most of them. I just can’t type that fast.

It accepted “Netherlands” without “the”, though it’s odd that it would reject it with “the”.

I got 78; can’t blame typing, just blanked out for periods.

I agree with cmkellar: the countries I “forgot” divided equally between the countries I didn’t have time to get to and the “countries” that are just bullshit, like Queen Maud Land. (Who’s the president – Opus?)

  1. Thank you They Might Be Giants!

Although I did use Western Sahara instead of West Xylophone :stuck_out_tongue: