Name the Countries - web game

The link below is a fun little game to see how many world countries you can name in 15 minutes. I scored a measly 105. It’s amazing how many countries I know that I just totally neglected to name. It’s a little bit difficult because the country names start to clutter the map.

  1. It’s a great game.
  1. But I’m the receptionist and people keep calling me.

Damn phone! (smile)

A 141. But I should’ve gotten more… sigh.

Took it again and got 137, much better but still not great. I even missed some countries that I got the first time despite remembering others that I didn’t get the first time.

I named all the US states in 2 minutes 53 seconds in one of their other quizzes. That was way easier!

133 but I was slowed down by poor typing and spelling.

Gautamala? Guatemala? Guatamela? Gataumala?

And dude, what about all those -Stan countries.

My biggest problems though were Central Africa, Oceania and the Carribean. I didn’t even know all those islands were independent :frowning:

  1. I’m particularly proud of the fact that I spelt both Herzegovina and Azerbaijan correctly, but I just couldn’t crack the spelling of Liechtenstein.
  1. 118 if you account for misspellings. I used to know all of the African countries, but have since forgot. The eastern hemisphere and the Caribbean are both a harsh mistress.

ETA: I did the US States one and got them all in 2:20.

I shouldn’t admit this, but I didn’t get United Kingdom. I kept putting in Great Britain and England and going Huh? :smack: Silly me. And I was way slowed down by spelling. WAY. I’m going Rowanda, and Venizulia, and oh my God only 3 minutes left … Sammalia??

I only got 90. I’m trying again.

I managed to have a serious mental block, unable to name the country which Iraq invaded in 1990. That’s worrying.

My mother tongue is Spanish. Some countries I knew he name of, but not in English.

  1. Probably could have done better if I spent more time thinking of world events, and less trying to remember the words to the Animaniacs “Nations of the World” song.

United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru…

Sporcle kicks ass. There are all sorts of little games like this where you have to name things. There should be a whole thread devoted to Sporcle.

Surprisingly, I got most of the -stan countries, but tripped up on other former Soviet Union countries (what’s the official name for those?).

I suck at African and Pacific countries. What happened to Zaire? :confused:

I suck. 63.

But I spent a lot time figuring out England… and Congo…, UAE and trying to spell Papua New Guinea.

But mostly, I have very poor recall.

It would have been more fun untimed.

ETA: Zaire = Republic of Congo (and not just Congo, Republic of Congo)

‘Countries of the former Soviet Union’ normally suffices. Or, in many cases, ‘Eastern Europe’!

  1. Would have been 120 if I had spelled Bahrain correctly when it flashed into my head with exactly one second remaining.

It’s Commonwealth of Independent States, CIS