Name the Countries - web game

98 for me. I had about 90 named by the 5-minute mark and blanked out. Stupid spellings and obscure unknown foreign countries…

  1. Good on Asia (took me a coupla tries to spell Kazakhstan right though) and the Americas, not so hot on the Balkans, south-central Africa and the ivory coast…

140. I missed Italy, Chile, and Switzerland! That map was difficult to read with all of the labels, so I had no idea what countries I had missed! I got every “-stan”, though. Kyrgyzstan took a few tries to spell. Couldn’t spell Seychelles after 10 tries.

153, and I missed some that should have been gimmes like Bulgaria, Romania, Ghana, Nicaragua, and Ecuador.

Zaire became the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Republic of Congo is a separate country altogether (with, as far as I know, a relatively stable name).

  1. Really, 155 because I typed in “Nevis” and I typed in “St. Kitts,” but didn’t type them in together. I completely whiffed on most of West Africa. And I missed Cuba. Cuba!

Also, I’m giving myself another half point for knowing that there were two Congos, but not being able to figure out how to get them both to count (forgot the “Democratic” prefix).

I got 135 but I’m alright with it because I ran out of time and I still had a dozen or two more Asian countries that I knew. I went Left to Right which was probably a mistake because, while I got most of Africa, it still took me far too long (I missed Tanzania of all things. Cape Verde I got but I miss a country of which I spent two hours watching slides from a few days ago). If I would have done Asia First I probably would have done better.

141 + 20 spelled wrong. I couldn’t spell 2 countries I’ve actaully been to.

Second play netted 166.

If the countries themselves changed colour on the map, rather than just having a label appear in an extremely approximate position, I reckon I could get all of them.

What do they call French Guiana? I tried a few different variations on the spelling but it wouldn’t accept it.

French Guiana is a part of France, is it even on it?

The People’s Democratic Republic of PageLoadError comes up nicely every time. Bugger all else though.

  1. I’m usually not too good with these kinds of things as my “RAM” isn’t the most efficient in the world for dredging up lists of things (I’ve always prided myself on being a geography whiz tho). However I typed in “poland”, “rumania”, and “columbia” and wasn’t given credit for any of those three countries (and note that it allows “Burma” for Myanmar).

Africa sadly was an almost complete and total mystery, and that is where I lost most of my points.

:smack: I had Googled Zaire to see if it had a name change (when it wouldn’t work in the game), did a quick read and only typed in “Republic of Congo”, got a hit and moved on.

Dumb luck!

147 + 3 I couldn’t spell (Kyrgyzstan, St. Vincent-Grenadines [I forgot the second half!], and Bosnia and Herzegovina).

I’m quite proud that I remembered Seychelles existed, because it’s one of those countries I’m always aware I’m forgetting, you know? And I spelled almost all the -stan states on the first try. Most of the ones I missed were the microstates in Europe and various south-Pacific nations.

And, uh, Ireland, which I really can’t justify.


“The” Gambia indeed. I missed some obvious ones while trying to figure out how I spelled “Gambia” wrong or Liechtenstein wrong.

Most obvious places I missed/overlooked while working on the more obscure:

El Salvador
Ivory Coast

Well, that was intense! I managed a pretty satisfying 156. Got all the mainland Americas, practically all of Europe and Asia (save a couple of former Soviet Central Asian republics) but missed a couple of Caribbean islands which is shameful because it is my stomping ground.
Also - inevitably - missed some South Pacific island nations and West African states.

The Gambia, my arse!

Silliest omissions were Fiji, Iceland, the Bahamas & Trinidad and Tobago.

I also had problems spelling Kyrgyzstan, and doubts about the status of several Caribbean islands and French Guyana also caused some delays.

I got 112, which was not as good as I’d hoped for. Who knew that Dominica and the Dominican Republic are two different countries? Or that Kyrgyzstan is spelled just that way (and no other)? Not me.

My worst omissions were in Western Africa and northeastern South America. Ouch.

Not on there. French Guiana is a part of France, not an independent nation.

I managed to get 127- not bad, given my typing speed and the abnormal slowness of my computer.