Current personalities who look like older personalities

In the active thread Forgettable, Mediocre Actors and Actresses Who Were Nevertheless Successful I posted these comments.

I decided to start the game myself here.

Who (active today) reminds you most of any (or all) of these actresses of the past:

Karen Steele (I) (1931–1988)

Fay Spain (1933–1983) (crummy picture)
Lola Albright (1925 - ) (nice picture)


Feel free to point out others of that era who resemble these three.

The idea here is to point out resemblances, so don’t be stymied by the specific period or even if it’s TV vs. Movies or Whatever.

Who now looks like somebody then?

More than a bit of Taylor Swift in Fay Spain.

I see Margot Robbie in Fay Spain.

Miss Spain is a blend of Sophia Loren and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Miss Albright favors James Bond’s “Golden Girl”, Miss Shirley Knight.

Good resemblance!