Current snow cover

This is pretty amazing. Damn near the entire country. But what’s up with that non-snow covered area in North and South Dakota?

It’s Nature’s way of saying, “So long, and thanks…”

Meanwhile, in Southern and Central California, snowpack is 30% below average, presaging another destructive fire season ahead. Fuck me…


Maybe that’s the snowstorm equivalent of the eye of the hurricane. There’s a lot of magenta-purple-white to the west / southwest of them in that screenshot, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up getting clobbered too.

Pretty wild how the snow just stops at the international borders. Didn’t Canada get snow at all this year? Maybe they outlawed it.

That’s what comes from being nice.

I live approximately 100 miles due north of where the Montana/North Dakota border intersects the Canada/US border. No shortage of snow here.

I think the snow map is just the United States.

Here is the official National Weather Service snow info sub-site. Wherefrom you can learn all sorts of stuff about snow and see all sorts of maps of past, current, and forecast snow conditions.

Always get your weather info from the real experts, not the sensationalist shills on Weather Channel or OG forbid, some other TV station or site.


Someone came south and lost their snow.
I found it.
Come back and retrieve your property.
Kindly describe it.

white, cold and deep

Or maybe there’s so much that the sensors are rogered.

I’m in a blue zone. Ain’t no snow; ain’t no snow predicted.

See that big, white knife blade on the eastern edge of California? It stops just about 10 miles short of where we need it.


All I got was my wife with the Humanities Degree.

Nah. There’s only so much snow to go around, and with international travel restrictions due to Covid these days, the snow just stopped at the border.

In maps like this, why the hell can’t they get the colors in an orderly progression? Why does it jump from teal to purple to magenta to white?

Yeah, this is kind of odd. It seems like there’s three hue centers: one of the teal, one of the purple, and one of the pink/magenta, and they seem to go light teal, medium teal, dark teal, then the same light-to-dark with the purples, and then the magenta/pink are inverted, with the lighter pink color denoting more snowfall than the darker magenta one.

Because it’s prettier, silly! :ok_hand: