Is it snowy where you are?

I knew that the current El Niño on top of the general warming trend were making for weird late-fall/early winter weather, but I was still surprised to read today that Minneapolis and its surroundings have very little snow on the ground or ice on the lakes. My brother takes his family there every Christmas to visit his in-laws and play in the snow, but it seems like that second part is not in the cards for this year.

Even more surprising is Buffalo, which hasn’t had any measurable snow yet this season, and in fact on Monday was 71F … way hotter than it was here in San Diego. Granted, coastal Southern California has been running a bit cold this fall, but we were beaten by Buffalo?! Buffalo is apparently expecting a tiny bit of snow this weekend, but then will heat up again next week, so no white Christmas there either. Is anyone getting a white Christmas this year?

We are. It’s been rather mild so far this winter, but the weather has just taken a dive towards seasonal norms (-9/-18C) and there’s recently been a bit of snow which isn’t likely to melt till April at this point.

No. And it should be. Even sadder, today we had endless rain - 15 degrees cooler, and we’d have a white Christmas. And tons of snow shoveling/car accidents, but shhh.

It never snows in this city, and now is the start of summer, with a forecast maximum of 25 today (that’s 77 for Usanians).

Here is Michigan The grumpy old men are really fucking grumpy old men this year because there is no ice fishing in the foreseeable future. The old women are no happier because they are used to getting rid of the old guys for a while as well this time of year.

We just had 10 or so cm fall in Moncton, NB but most might be gone tomorrow. It is supposed to get to 10°c.

Chicago-ish, and no not yet. Except for once. One weekend it snowed enough to shovel, then it melted, and nothing since. In fact, it’s only now getting down to freezing temps around here. It’s kind of nice!

No snow in the SF Bay Area yet. :slight_smile:

Actually, although we rarely get snow in the populated areas, the mountains just minutes away will get snow several times a year.

No snow here in southern New England. Nice spring weather recently. I have no problem with it staying that way.

Edmonton has certainly had snow, but not a lot of it. We did get one big snowfall this year (which I arbitrarily define as a snowfall that is heavy enough for the city to invoke parking bans on certain major streets to aid snow removal). A little while after that I was starting to think we might get a brown Christmas, but we’re nicely covered with snow now and it should stay that way given the long term forecasts.


We’re hitting 34C today (93F) and scheduled to get to 37C (99F) on Sunday. At this rate January and February are going to suck!

No … we are snug between the Olympics and the Cascades, and they’re both getting lots of snow, but it turns into rain where we live. Overnight lows aren’t even freezing here, but that’s normal.

It’s been much wetter than usual, though.

It is gloriously un-snowy in northern New England too. Rainy, though.

It’s bitter cold and snowy here in Denver. And to think, I came here thinking the climate was better than it was in Chicago! lol

Finally snowed a couple of days ago here in NE Wyoming. Supposed to be mid 40s by Saturday again though.

Western Illinois here. So far, no snow this time around that didn’t melt away after 3 hours max. But winter doesn’t start until next week.

Tucson, AZ, so of course it isn’t snowy, it pretty much never snows around here. But for the last 3 nights we’ve had hard freezes, with lows around 24 and highs in the low 50s, which is [bold]freezing[/bold] by local standards.

Cleveland. We’ve had only one snow that left any ground cover at all, and that still left the grass poking through, and was gone an hour after sunup. Meanwhile, last weekend I was wearing shorts.

They said that we might be getting some snow about now, but it hasn’t materialized. And it’s expected to warm up again next week.

This isn’t just El Niño. We’ve had plenty of Los Niños before, and it’s never been anything like this.

Willamette Valley of western Oregon: No snow, but it’s 50° F and raining steady. We are on flood watch for all the rivers.

I’ve heard local news in Minneapolis say that historically there’s only 25% chance of an inch or more of snow here on Christmas day, so this “no or little snow so far” winter doesn’t surprise or impress me much.