Well winter's over

Yep, it’s now 35 degrees. And looking at the 10 day forecast here in Detroit are no more freezing temps on the charts. There is no chance at all they are wrong, nor any chance the weather will turn colder in late March. Nope, no possibility at all la la la la la Spring yay. :wink:

Winter’s over here too. We definitely see the transition to Spring. I’ll spare you the gory details. :slight_smile:

We didn’t have Winter again this year.

Neither did we. Barely 3 inches of snow the whole time. Piper Cub only got out tobogganing once.

Winter ended here sometime between christmas and new years and its been early spring up to the past two weeks now starting to transition into mid-spring

So, yeah… Currently it’s 51ºF and mostly sunny, with a 13 mph breeze. The lowest temperature I see in the 15-day forecast is 40, with highs in the low-to-mid-50s. As I said, this is the second year we’ve missed out on Winter.

Eight or ten years ago there was a lot of snow (for being in the lowlands and next to the beach). It caused power outages, and a 30-foot limb broke off a tree in the back yard. Icy sidewalks at work made walking treacherous with my two damaged knees. Heck, the walk out the front door was slippery. Propane is expensive, and heating bills were high. There’s a lot to be said for not having Winter. But I miss it anyway. I’m wondering if the El Niño (I hate typing the El Niño, as it’s redundant) will break next year. I wonder if we’ll then pay for our mild weather.

Here in Fargo, the temperature is expected to reach 60° F and most of the snow and ice is gone, other than the big piles in the parking lots. For the first week of March, this is … not normal.

Huh. Bunch of braggers. Winter is back here with a vengeance. Complete with flash flood warnings.

Happy, happy.

What is this winter of which you speak?

82F and partly cloudy all week. Normal for Cayman.

Meteorological winter ended Feb. 29. After all the hoopla surrounding the much milder than normal December, January and February here turned out just about normal (though with less snow than usual).

The next ten days of March are forecast to be mostly in the low-mid 60s and just above 70 early in the week, probably setting things up for a nice cold and snowy/icy spell to kill off the overeager vegetation sprouts before the end of the month.

Philly guy here. A few cherry trees in bloom, unfortunately covered with a light snow the other day, but still a sign of Spring. Daffodil foliage about 5 " high, snow crocuses in full color, buds swelling on pears, and tinges of red and green of the about-to-bloom maple flowers. Hopefully honeybees will buzz soon, it’s gonna’ be 75 here on Wednesday. Gotta’ get to the dollar store for some cheap annual flower seed mixtures, since they did so well last year. And the Philadelphia Flower Show is rockin’.

I hope we’re not gonna’ pay for these early breaths of Spring.

Well, winter certainly wasn’t over today in the United Kingdom!

We got quite a heave snow shower at 3:00 PM today, in Nottinghamshire… I know that because I got caught out in the snow shower!

Temperatures were reported to be about 6 degrees C (we use Celsius in the UK), and to be honest, it felt like below freezing!

I want my $290 back, that I paid to have my driveway plowed all season. The guy came exactly twice.

Temps in the 50s and 60s this week! :slight_smile:

Well, the gr oundhog did say spring would be early this year, for once.

We’ve still got a blanket of snow on the ground, but they are calling for warming temps this week. Several days in a row with temps over +10 celcius.

That ought to put an end to snow! Yay!

Spring is my favourite time of year. Unfortunately here in the southern hemisphere it’s the beginning of autumn, so cold weather awaits. Though as we’ve already had such a long and hot summer, and there’s still 30°C+ temps forecast for the next few weeks, no need for me to complain just yet.
30°C = 86°F

Looks like the next two weeks will be spring-like in New Hampshire, but just two days ago it was still getting down to single digits at night. Definitely a mild winter snow-wise, I only had to shovel the driveway twice, and we never had more than five inches on the ground at any time. It is mostly gone now, just a few patches in the shade. Forecast says mid 60s on Wednesday. I’m still keeping the shovel handy until May though; too many surprise nor’easters just when we unpacked our hawaiian shirts.

Spring came here in Albuquerque the second week of February, but now winter is coming back. Temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s for the next few days.

At least I’ll have an excuse not to do yard work with weather that cold.

My crocuses are blooming! Usually they’re just starting to peek through the soil this early.

Winter ended mid February here in Phoenix. It’s sunny and warm in the daytime now, and only a little chilly at night. Another 6 weeks, maybe 2 months tops, before Mother Nature turns the oven on and cooks the place again.