This winter sucks and it won't quit

Last night we got 10 fucking inches of snow. Three more today. This winter is unlike the others of the past. We got a snow in October and it got cold. The snow never melted. Generally we have an “indian summer” . A few warm days in January. Not this damn year. We in the Detroit area typically get about 40 inches of snow a season. We are double it now.
A few years ago my son and I played golf on Valentines day. It was warm and beautiful.
This has been the coldest and nastiest winter ever, This fucking winter will not break.
We got teased last week. it went to high 50’s one day. Then this shit.
I have been fighting the flu and I have to go out and shovel that shit again.

I live in your area too, Gonzo. It gets pretty tiresome…It was in the 50s two days ago! This is why I hate Michigan winters the most and can’t want to finish up my masters and (hopefully) move to a place with a bit more predictable winters.
On the upside…Snow day for me today! :smiley:

Yeah, that does indeed suck. Living in Texas, we get very little snow, but even so this year has been worse than normal. :mad: So here’s hoping it gets better for you soon and that you won’t have the flu. Hang in there.

Last time it snowed here was in 1968. It was a terrible. We got about 1/8 of an inch of snow out of that blizzard. :wink:

Been a pretty mild winter here, all things considered. We had one snow storm, but the snow was all gone within a week. Today it’s shirt sleeve weather here.

All I can say is…move away from the North East. This year seems to have been particularly bad in parts of the US…lots of snow and heavy rains. Give it another month or so Gonzo…maybe it will be a great spring.


I can dream of summer. i love it hot. 90 is fine.
Our weather is more extreme than normal. Worse winters and hotter summers. There are plenty of years I never fired up a snow blower. My wife left ours out and someone stole it. So I figured, we don’t get that much snow so lets just wing it until we really need one. Now they are sold out. I am sure I can get a better deal when it warms up. But that requires it warming up.This winter is relentless.
XT ,you get snow in New Mexico?

Oh yeah…we get snow every year. In the mountains they get a LOT of snow, and in the Northern part of the state. We got about 10 inches down here, which is about normal. But we don’t get the extended cold periods here…it will be cold (say down in the teens or 20’s) for a week or so, then it will be back in the 40’s or 50’s (or even 60’s like last week). So, in my area at least the snow doesn’t stick around long.

Just keep the faith…I think it’s supposed to be a hot summer for the North East this year IIRC this type of weather pattern. You will probably be wishing for some cool weather come August. :slight_smile:


I have what seems to be the flu. But in September, i got a flu shot. My wife has been sick with it for 10 days. I get 3. There are some nasty bugs floating around this year.
We all have odd ideas about other parts of the country and weather. Most don’t realize how cold it gets in the desert. Snow in Dallas? How could that be.
Detroit actually does not get a lot of snow. many years it is not worth the trouble of a snow blower. The last couple have been very bad. Early snows and cold weather stay through the whole season.

Send it to me! We had a dry spell that ran over a month. We finally got about eight or ten inches over the weekend, and the mountains got upwards of a foot.

I work at a ski resort. We can only make so much snow. Seriously, just send it here. We know how to deal with it. Those of you in Texas and otherwise, I feel for ya. Been there, done that. Snow in an unprepared place is no fun whatsoever.

That, and they don’t have the experience of driving in it.

Yep. We got snow here on December 1 and didn’t see bare ground again until last week. This is the kind of winter I dreamed of as a child… and hate as an adult.

If you think this winter is unlike others of the past, you just haven’t lived long enough yet. Heck, I remember a winter when my kids were toddlers and the temperature was in single digits from December to February. Plus snow and ice galore. That was the year there was a fuel shortage.

We’ve had snow situations to top this one within the last few decades, easily.

With the 10+ inches we got today, we’ve tied the snowiest winter on record. With the however many inches we’re scheduled to get in the next storm headed our way this weekend, we’ll break that record and establish a new one. It’s unfathomable to me that this winter is going to be the snowiest winter in recorded history, but it is.

I’m tired of it too.

Heh. MLS, I thought that way once too - “the winters we had as a kid were way snowier! They were way worse!” Nope, they really weren’t.

Funny, I was saying a couple of weeks ago that as bad as this winter has been for much of the country, our area’s been dodging the worst of it. ETA: if we’re setting records with the next snow, are the rest of the country’s records falling too? ETA ETA: Oh, you’re in Minnesota. I’ll have to look up Michigan’s numbers.

I agree with you on the nasty colds going around. I just HAD a bad head cold 3 weeks ago, and now my nose has been running and aching again the last two days and this time my ears are stuffed up too! What the hell?

Directly because the winter has been so cold and harsh, my liver is twice its normal size. :frowning:

Where are the fava beans and a nice Chianti?

this winter has been severe for areas that don’t have winter, like the south and some east coast areas.

wasn’t 2008 a severe winter for snow in the midwest? i recall triple the normal snowfall for much of that region.

I live in Colorado. We average around five feet of snow a season, and last year I had over 100". We have less that 20" of snow so far. The last big storm system that went through about ten days ago finally caught a piece of us and we got around 10" of snow but it was below zero for two days. My street was covered in about four inches of compacted ice.

Today there is not one flake of snow to be seen, and there hasn’t been for a few days. It rained on Saturday. I’ve lived here for over 20 years and I’ve never seen a winter like this. We had temps in the 90’s in October, the 80’s in November, the 70’s in December and the 60’s in January and February. The mountains are doing fine with snow, so drought is not a worry.

Of course, getting 40" of snow in March and April would not be unusual, so we could catch up. But it’s fun listening to the people complain about shovelling snow in Georgia while I have my golf clubs in my car already.

We had about 6 inches of wet snow. What a bitch to try and move. I could deal with 3 times as much for the same effort if it had been normal snow. Oh look the snow blower throws it 3 feet over. There’s more coming tonight I guess. I’ll hope for dry snow.