This Winter Sucks !

I am sick of 5 degree temperatures !

I am so fucking sick of snow !

I am tired of being sick !

I’ve fucking had it with snowdays !

I don’t want to owe the plow guy any more money !

I don’t want to be scared of my propane bill anymore !

I’ve had enough ! I want Spring and I mean now ! :mad:

I’m with you all the way!

I wish we had more snow in Chicago. It’s been cold, but mostly dry.

I like driving in the snow.

I like shovelling snow (but not at 6:30 before work)

Being sick and having high utility bills sucks, though. I’m with you on that part.

Florida is nice this time of year. :smiley:

::runs away::

You’re crazy! I’m sick of this 70° weather! I still have to wear long sleeves at night!
I’ve had enough! I want Spring and I mean now!

Don’t take your winter for granted… 85F and humidity you can swim in sucks worse than ever in February.

[sub]This morning, after I got out of the shower, I couldn’t stop sweating until I sat in the car with the A/C blasting. Fun.[/sub]

I am with you on this, dragongirl.

It totally sucks having to walk into work when the temperature is still in single digits and the wind chill makes it colder.

And what the fuck is with all this static. I get shocked all the time.

I hate this weather.

:mad: :mad:

Snow is nice because, as everyone knows, it doesn’t snow if it’s too cold. We’re in the middle of our second ‘cold snap’ - minus 20 or so for WEEKS on end - and it’s miserable. When it warms up enough to snow, I am overjoyed.

You are always cold to your bones, or at least your fingers and toes are. To warm up you have to take hot showers which means your skin dries out and gets itchy.

The air is painfully dry (and if you don’t believe that air can be painfully dry, get on up to Toronto and check it out!), the black ice everywhere is trecherous, it’s impossible to insulate against the wind which will find any crack in your fleecy-downy-Gore-Tex armour.

You can’t walk down the street normally: you have to hunch up your shoulders to keep the wind off your neck, and look where you walk to make sure you don’t slip, so your back/neck/shoulders are always tense.

You are deprived of sunlight, which is always depressing, because you can’t just go out for a walk in the park or sit on a patio for a drink.

You don’t exercise as much - instead of walking you drive or take the bus, and your outdoor sports habits are disrupted - so your body doesn’t feel as good.

Everyone you meet is unhappy because everyone else is going through this too. You never see your friends because it’s too unpleasant to think about going out, when sitting in your (reasonably) warm living room.

Now, I’m really not as unhappy as all that - I’m Canadian so I’m kind of used to it. But I know how miserable it is when it’s too hot and humid, and I’d still take that over this hellish cold and dry. Any time.

I’m sick of hypocrite mo fo’s saying how they luuuvveeee the cold temperatures. All winter I’ve been sayin’ that this weather sucks, you say you like it. Why don’t you take you back packin’ cold lovin’ ass to Siberia then?

And then when it’s 40 or 50 degrees out, they have the nerve to say they’ve been waitin’ for this for day a long time now. That’s what I’ve been sayin’ all along.

Christ, if only it would snow!


I’m with you, dragongirl. Our last propane bill was $412 - the price went up 30 cents a gallon from the month before. And I have an 11-year-old three-legged dog that has a hard time with the ice we’ve been getting. We do everything we can to help him when he has to go out, but he still fell yesterday and cut his leg. This makes me incredibly angry but there’s no one to be angry at. Fuck this. I want winter to be over.

I love the Winter and all that it holds. Runny noses flus and colds. The wind chill is bracing, the winter driving gets my heart a racing.
The shoveling will make sure its stops, and once the ground thaws they’ll bury me beside pops!

Be thankful you’re not in a Third World country that shuts down at the sight of four (count 'em, 4!) millimeters of snow. I’d kill to be rolling in the DC snowdrifts for just an afternoon.

God, I am sick of the havoc wreaked on my poor sensitive skin! It is so dry, thanks to months of the furmance blasting away 24/7, that it HURTS. I had to get up out of bed last night to take Benadryl to have any chance of sleeping, I was itching and hurting so badly.


You’re right- this winter, so far, BLOWS. Last night we actually got down to 28- and yet, currently it’s something over sixty degrees. I have no idea how to dress for the weather this year- and NO SNOW, dammit. I LOVE snow- so what the hell am I doing in Texas?

Hey guys: Snow is bad, but ice is worse. Slick deck, slick steps, slick driveway! Housebound for fear of busting my butt or other useful parts. Need milk, bread, meds, beer and someone to say hello to. My chance may be 24 hours away in hope of some melting sunshine. Sheesh, at 77 I don’t bounce any more! Plz tell me there are live people outside my silent home.

A recent staff report by bibliophage further details the association between cold and snow. :slight_smile:

Dude, Lightnin’, it easily cracked 70 F today in Austin. Damn, was it ever a gorgeous day! Screw the cold, I’ll take the short sleeves in February and the blistering heat in the summer. Hoo yeah, I wish it was June already.

That said, I like to visit the snow. Just wouldn’t want to live in it.

Even as I type, another two feet of snow is being descretly in my yard, to go nicely with the foot left over from the 6,853 other snow storms we’ve have the year :mad: (so far :mad: :mad:)

Yeah, heat can be as annoying as cold, but heat doesn’t come with snow (and we’ve managed to alternate huge amounts of snow with negative degree days- good for ice, that- pretty much all winter.

What’s that you say? You got in to your car this morning? You haven’t been trapped in a cramped, miserable, animal infested (well the dog can’t go out in this weather) beerless house for the last (and probably next) 24 hours because it wasn’t worth the threat to life and limb it would take to go as far as the grocery? But you had to run the A/C? Oh, you poor baby :mad: .

I take back what I said yesterday about how ‘snow is nice.’ It’s because I wrote it before I went home last night. It took me 2 HOURS to get home last night, instead of the usual 35 minutes. One hour to get ON the streetcar, and one hour for the streetcar to move four kilometers down the street. The traffic wasn’t moving at all, there was snow everywhere, millions of people on the streetcar, fire engines screaming past. Getting home from work at eight o’clock should be cause for an automatic holiday the next day.

This morning the SUBWAY conked out because of the snow: it’s now 9:30 and everyone’s rolling in saying ‘Geez, I’m sorry I’m late, the subway was down.’

At least it’s not freezing.

I’ve been trying to be even-tempered about this winter. Since we had mild winters for the past few years, it’s like we’re getting all those years of snow crammed into one season. Plus this should build up the snow pack so there won’t be a drought again this summer.

But I ain’t good at being even-tempered. So please pardon me while I rant just a bit.

The first snowfall was good. The second was okay. BUT NOT ANYMORE! The trains were late today by 40 minutes to an hour and 40. We got no updates on when (or if!) a train would be by, and this with “extra” rush-hour service on a “modified” Saturday schedule. There’s nowhere to park because although the lots have been plowed, the plowed drifsts conveniently block the parking spaces. And I couldn’t get my car out onto the road in the first place, so I walked (trudged, actually) to the train station.

I shoulda stayed in the Caribbean from mid-December to now. I’ll take a reef shark over this winter any day.