Are you looking forward to winter?

I want to find the probability whether a randomly selected person is looking forward to winter, and also find that conditional probability given they are a Florida resident.

I saw such a poll with results, and was curious to see whether Florida residents specifically would tend differently from the general populace.

As for me, I’m a Florida resident and the answer is still “no” from me but I’m not going to vote. I’m very physiologically sensitive to cold weather and that’s one of the many reasons I moved here. Even Central Florida gets quite chilly for my taste, but I like the overall schedule of seasons here.


I’ve never lived anywhere without four distinct seasons. I prefer being someplace where winter cold and snow is part of life. Fall and spring are my favorite seasons. I don’t really look forward to their slightly annoying cousins summer and winter.

I moved from California to Montana 10 years ago to enjoy the 4 distinct seasons and the lower cost of living, which I do, but 5 months of below 32 degree weather plus 80 inches of snow a year can wear you down. So I am neutral on winter. I like the idea of winter, but plowing the driveway for the third time in a week gets old fast. If I was wealthy I would have a second home someplace warm where I could spend a few of the winter months at to thaw out… say on Maui.

Yes. I hate sweating (when not exercising). I think snow is beautiful. I work from home so I don’t have to go out in the snow if I don’t want to. I take two weeks off work around Christmas so winter means vacation. I think winter is damn fine.

I live in Norrheast Ohio on the edge of the snow belt.

West Virginian. I like winter. Ice fishing, hockey, skiing and skating are awesome! I do get tired of shoveling and I don’t like blizzard driving, but most of the time it’s enjoyable.

I hate winter with a burning passion (it’s the only thing that keeps me warm), despite the fact that I live in Maine and, in my younger days, loved to ski.

I live in Chicago now and it’s been winter for a few weeks, so the answer is no. However, I did go to Florida State and I was happy for winter then.

Yes. I sleep so much better in a cold room wrapped up in warm blankets.

I’m in southeast Texas, so that’s not very different from central Florida, but we do get occasional freezes in the winter. I hate it with a passion that should be strong enough to prevent my second tomato crop from failing but it doesn’t work that way. Two years ago we had a hard freeze in late January (when I was looking forward to planting summer veggies in a week or two) that destroyed my orange crop for that year. When water temperatures fall below 65, all the fish migrate to deep channels and I have to wait for slightly above average sunny days to paddle my kayak over a mudflat to catch redfish or trout.

Every year that we get a frost I threaten my SO with moving to Costa Rica. No, I do not look forward to winter.

Florida resident; I have a touch of SAD, plus, it still gets too cold for me in Jax. Death to long pants.

South Arkansas, my life doesn’t change significantly. Except for the use of socks and burning wood. So I am neutral.

I hate winter. There’s too little daylight, too much cold, and way too much snow. Everything, even getting the mail or driving to work, is much more of a pain in the ass to accomplish.

Yes. Winter means rain, which we need desperately. It also means a cessation of miserable heat.

It’s a relief to pull some covers up at night, instead of having to leave the ceiling fan on.

I love winter but have the misfortune to live in a hot, humid climate where it’s summer for 8 or 9 months of the year. I HATE it more than words could possibly describe but I’m not presently in a financial position to move far away to a nicer, colder climate. Climate change will definitely force me to go within the next decade as the last semblance of “winter” here disappears and it’s just summer all year round.

Where I am, it rarely gets below 60 in the “winter” except at night and early in the morning before the sun heats everything up again. During the day it’s still often well into the 70s even in “winter” and mostly in the 80s and 90s during the summer proper. (Yeah, I know, glorious and enviable to most of you weird summer-loving people :stuck_out_tongue: )

My ideal outdoor temperature is in the high 40s through the 50s. I consider 65 “starting to get too warm” and 70 “too damn hot!”

I’m from New York but I live in Panama because I absolutely loathe cold weather. Unfortunately I have to experience it every year in order to visit family during the holidays.

I can relate, as someone living in Central Florida with family in Connecticut.

When I was a kid I loved winter. Then, for a long time I was more or less indifferent. At least when I lived in NYC I didn’t have to drive in it, though being a pedestrian had its own problems. Now, as I’m aging, each year I dread winter more and more. I don’t mind as long as I’m inside, but driving can be a nightmare.


I like “real” seasons. So, snow and cold are what I need at some point between December and February.

This fall has been unusual in that we had warmish, or at least temperate temperatures until the middle of November. Looking out of the window, it feels as if it’s just starting now, two months late :confused: .

Bring on the snow !

Winters been here since our first foot of snow back in October. Winters are very very long here and that makes it a little rough. Our snowiest month is usually March, so we will have snow on the ground into May.

Pretty ambivalent about it though. One thing that really bugs me is the shorter days.

I love winter. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that I can’t stand the heat anymore- anything above 80f and I get grumpy.

I’m moving to Canada in a few months, though… so ask me once I’ve experienced a *real *winter.