Winter finally makes an appearance

Snow at last. Two to three inches so far and still falling. And about time, I may add. The ski hill operators can breath easier, the snow machine folks are happier, and it’s not so damn dark all the time. I managed to get my RV back from the bastards who are supposed to be putting a new fender on it (a different and pittable thread) and got it put in the lot and covered before the snow started, so everything is good.

Unfortunately, winter hasn’t made a stop here in FL yet. Not that we ever get any snow or anything, but it would be nice for the tempurature to drop below the 80’s for a bit.

I was wondering what qualified as the appearance of winter in Alaska and now I know …

80’s, mmmmmm, 80’s. The cold sucks ass.

My little corner of Florida dropped into the 40s this morning. I’ve been tired of the 80s myself. I’m almost counting the days till I can move north.

Mosquitos in November sucks ass.


Give me 80s and sunny 364 days of the year (snow on Christmas would be nice).

Hate the heat. Always have. I can’t believe I spent 23 years in the military in places like Viet Nam, Guam, Okinawa, Puerto Rico and California. Hated them all. Don’t like the beach, and don’t like direct sunlight unless it’s in the 70s or less. We suffered through some high 70s, low 80s for a period this summer and it was miserable.

Winter and cold without snow is just as miserable. The snow provides some insulation from the frozen ground and provides reflection to brighten up the days that are long and mostly dark. Last winter, it rained for the entire month of February. It was a completely bizarre winter and much warmer than usual. The Fur Rendezvous dog races were cancelled and the Iditarod had to be re-routed.

So I’m happy to see the white stuff arrive. We got about 4-6 inches and right now the sunrise over the Chugach Mountains is turning it all sparkly (I have a great view from my office). Temps are dropping into the teens and heading into single digits with the clearing sky. And the blue spruce in my front yard with the little blue globe lights on it is looking mighty fine with snow on the lights.

I think I’m one of the rare people who loves winter over summer.

Nope, I’m another one. As I gear up the job search in anticipation of finishing grad school in May, I’m looking mainly at places that have real winters.

Undergrad in Maine was a happy time for me, but since then I’ve lived in the south. It’s time to get back out.

On Thursday morning, there was a bit of snow on the ground when I got up for school. In the middle of first period, it looked like a blizzard outside, but none of it stuck.

I like the winter… you can be completely naked and still be dying in the heat while you can pile on layers in winter and stay warm. WTF is up with the summer, sheet!

We had snow here in Northern Utah about a week before Halloween. Musta got your snow Chefguy. The ski resorts are almost ready to open with totals approaching 100 inches! YAY! Tourist dollars! :smiley:

Nope, me, too. I love sleeping under tons of heavy blankets and feeling like a sausage wrapped in a bun. In the summer, I sleep with the air as low as possible and a fan on, just so I can sleep with all of those blankets on. It’s cold here today (and I’m fighting a sickness, so that’s got something to do with it), and I have on my heavy yoga pants, a t-shirt, my red flannel robe, and my furry slippers. I’m in heaven.


The only thing that gets me through the summer is knowing winter is on it’s way.

I absolutely LOATHE the summer. I hate the heat. I’m with Chefguy, I don’t like direct sunlight unless it’s below 70. Winter is FINALLY making it’s way to California and I couldn’t be happier. It’s overcast and cold today (well, cold by Cali standards: 55 right now) and I couldn’t be happier!

I actually get depressed in the summertime. I’m downright GIDDY during winter. My body just doesn’t handle heat well.

I’m thinking of moving up North.

Did I mention I couldn’t be happier?


Central Colorado Rockies checking in here. Winter came about 3 weeks ago. Kind of late really. Had a nice fall, then, bam winter.

I haven’t plowed yet, I like to let the snow pack in so I don’t push my gravel drive around.

There will be snow on the ground till May, It should all be gone by June.

lezlers - Move to the mountains. It rarely gets up to 80F where I live.

I’m with you, Lezlers. I usually spend the summer locked away in my bedroom sitting in front of the fan or lying on the cold tiled kitched floor. I was so glad to be in America this summer because it was just so hot in England that I’m pretty sure it overtook the parts of America that i was in. I felt bad enough where i was so I don’t know how i would have coped with the heat back home. Once I’m done with university or whatever i decide to do I’d love to move somewhere colder like canada.

Update: Down to negative five degrees this morning. The up side to the cold is all the aurora activity, visible even in the city. Yesterday was a spectacular sunny day and about 20 degrees. Perfect weather, in my opinion.

Summers are nice here too; if not for summer, we wouldn’t have a freezer full of salmon and blueberries. But I prefer the other three seasons (two of which are mighty short up north). The old joke here is that we have 9 months of winter and three months of rough sledding.

I like winter, in very small doses from behind well-insulated walls and windows.

That being said, we had our first “cold snap” here in the swamps the past couple of days – it was cool enough I actually had to wear a sweater to walk to my car after work one day – but other than lows at night dipping down into the 50s, the most noticeable effect was that the humidity has finally been a bit lower. We went out for an airboat tour of the swamp yesterday afternoon and it was a bit chilly out on the water at 40+ mph, but there were all kinds of flowers blooming and everything is still quite green.

Give me green. All the time. Even if it does come with heat and humidity.