It's still snowing

See above title. Bloody weather. The buds are all freezing off. Bleh.

Send it over here… I’d be more than happy to take care of it.

Ooooooh snow! I want I want!!!

You want this snow…TAKE IT…WE CANADIANS ARE SICK OF IT! :stuck_out_tongue:

The dogwood trees are blooming, my grass needs cutting, the birds are building nests and singing up a storm, the daffodils have already bloomed and gone, the sun is shining and it’s 72 degrees (F) outside . . . :stuck_out_tongue:

I went to work yesterday, it was about 60. I didnt even have a jacket. I came out at 10:30 to catch the train, and there was a freakin blizzard. Okay, not a blizzard, but a couple of inches. Damn New England weather.

DOnt have snow in scotland for a change lol

Okay, it’s been snowing on and off for three days in Calgary now. We are all damned sick of it, and want spring RIGHT FREAKIN’ NOW!!! Can we declare a moratorium on people coming into these threads and beaking off about how nice their weather has been since February, and how their apple trees are just about ready to harvest, their corn is 6 feet tall, and it’s been 72 degrees with just a slight breeze to cool the sweat for the last six weeks? Cause us Canadians (and certain parts of the US) are getting DAMNED TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT IT.

Thank you.

After re-reading my last post, I just realized why Canada has tougher gun control laws than the US.