Just when you thought spring was around the corner...

…it starts fucking snowing.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.


I fucking hate snow. I hate it snowing this much. OK, I’ll admit I had fun that first big snowstorm a while back. But now it’s just fucking ridiculous. Where is this coming from?

Fuck you weather. Give me spring.

If it’s any consolation, spring IS arriving. I have seen some crocuses blooming and some daffodils almost in bloom. It’s supposed to be 65 degrees tomorrow. Glass half full.

Its supposed to be 60 Sat, Sun, and Monday here.
This after 2 months of 20 degrees.
We are so looking forward to this.
Its so rare to have a St. Patricks Day which is even slightly warm.

It’s currently -12 C (-19 C with wind chill) here in Ottawa, and we are expecting another 5-10 cm of snow in the next 24 hours.

I have a mountain of snow surrounding my driveway. When backing out I have to honk my horn as I can’t see the sidewalk.

I’m pretty sure my BBQ and canoe are still in my back yard, but I’ll know for sure in a few weeks (hopefully).

I’m ready for spring!

It’s arrived down south so you can’t be far behind. Our daffodils have been out for 2 to 3 weeks. Azaleas are in full bloom and we weed 'n feeded our yard last week. In fact, the entire weekend was spent cleaning out beds, putting in new plants and mulching.

It makes for the good kind of ache.

It was 80 yesterday :frowning:

hrrm… actually stike the :frowning:

Sucks to be you :smiley:

And it’s about 80 here today. i am sitting with the windows open and the fan blowing on me.

Of course the median price of houses is about 300k and we are due for the big one.

But at least we are warm.

It’s 32C here today (I think that’s about 88F) and we’re on our way into Autumn so what you’re expecting we’ve just passed. This is probably my last chance in the pool for the year so I’ll think about your frozen ass while I soak up the rays in anticipation of a cold winter.

I’m with CRorex. It was about 80 yesterday, it’s currently about 85 right now (5.30pm). I really love Phoenix :smiley:

We got a heat wave here…34 F was the high today. We’re supposed to hit 50 F by Friday:)

A nice change from the -10 F high we saw on Monday. However, I personally like it best when it’s either about 20 F (perfect for wearing a coat and not sweating too much…also, all of the mud is frozen so carpets don’t get dirty) and around 50 F (perfect for working without a coat to keep warm especially if the sun is shining). I guess that means I’m cold-blooded…

The last 4-5 days the weather has been really nice here in Stockholm. The snow has disappeared and you can walk around without running a risk of freezing to death.

Just thought you’d like to know. :cool:

2 inches this morning, with a nice layer of freezing rain underneath it that took me 20 Fucking Minutes to scrape of my Fucking Windhield.

Fuck fuck fuck fucking weather.

lol…the forecast was risen to 65 on Friday…perhaps that is only because the meterologists feel guilty for not predicting the eleven inches of snow we got yesterday.