Just stop snowing, damnit!!!

I used to love the snow. It was a great feeling to be inside a warm toasty house looking through the window to see bits of fluff knitting a nice white blanket. It was also great to play in the snow and kill my brother with snowballs.

But now that I’ve grown up, it’s nothing but a nuisance. And it’s not even supposed to snow as much as it is now. We barely get any snow other years. When we do, it melts away by the next day. Now there are reports about a snowstorm?! What the hell?! Now, people manage just fine in snow ridden areas, but thing is, because we don’t usually get much snow, some people (read: my parents) get freaked out over half a centimetre of snow and is now going on and on about how I won’t be able to get to work tomorrow. Now, the thought of sleeping past 5:30 is very appealing… but I don’t want to piss anyone off by not showing up. So, I’ll have to make a dreaded call to my boss and have her call in someone who don’t have insane parents. Also, I can’t bus because it’s in the remote part of city and only one bus goes there, and it’s during peak hours too. No bus at 5:30. I’m considering biking, since it’s about a 15 minute bike ride. But I’ll freeze my ass off, and my bike doesn’t have a reflector, so I’ll be riding in the dark and probably get killed by a car.

Oh boy. Snow is just SO fun!! :rolleyes:

Seriously… just make the snow stop.

I know your pain. The snow is just starting here in Indiana and I loved it as a child too but now I hate it because let’s face it, snow means busting my ass on cold hard ice. sighs I wouldn’t ride a bike though, hell, just call in and say there is no way for you to get out.

Sweetie, I have lived for nearly 40 years in Chicago and I’m still not used to this snow shit. I didn’t like it when I was a kid, and I don’t like it now. I barely got a wink of sleep last night because it was snowing hard, and the kids were scheduled to go back to school after the Christmas holiday - the idea of a snow day on the first day back to school made me break out in a cold sweat.(Fortunately, the plows worked all night - bless their little snowplow hearts - and the buses arrived on schedule.)

I can’t stop the snow, but I’ll be happy to sit here and pout with you about it.

Amen! I actually wasn’t able to get to school today because of the snow. That hardly ever happens here, and it’s driving me crazy. Today was the first day of the new semester but I had to miss it because of this STUPID “Arctic air.” And it’s supposed to snow more tonight and tomorrow morning. (Though it hasn’t started yet. thank God.) Gah. My dad had to stay at work all night (he works at a hospital, so he has a bed and all) because the conditions are so sucky on the roads. It was like 24 degrees outside today! That’s just not right, and–again, thank God–it seldom happens in this area.

Argh. Having just moved a month ago, I find myself without a snow shovel. I’m learning that Vancouver is a city in which rudiments such as snow-shovels and ice melter can take on a sort of Cabbage Patch Kids or Tickle Me Elmo scarcity. Who knew?

Nasty awful stuff.

It’s supposed to be here in the morning. I’m dreading morning even more than usual.

I’m a native Chicagoan, living in Dallas the last two years. My standard answer to “Why the hell would you move here if you lived in Chicago?” is “Well, beats the shit out of shovelling snow.”

I was in the Northeast for the blizzard last year and have since moved to Southern California, so let me just say, “Ha ha ha ha ha!” Of course, we just get the same day over and over again, which might sound good on paper, but I’d gladly suffer one snowstorm a year in order to get a decent thunderstorm out here.

I love snow. Not wild about ice, though. The only times I really dislike snow are when a) I have to shovel (I live in an apartment complex right now, so that’s not a big deal) and b) when I have vehicle that handles poorly on ice. Since I got new snowtires and dumped a few hundred pounds of sand in the back, my truck is not a problem. Bring it on, I say. :slight_smile:

The best part of snowstorms, of course, is staying inside with a book, a tall glass of something in liquid state and watching the poor bastards outside. :smiley:

Grr. Fucking snow. I could handle it much better if not for the commuting, which is hell in snow, no matter what you do.

Oh, and I hate the way it sucks moisture out of the air. My lips are cracked already.

Yes, it’s pretty. And I suppose it is kind of nice. But if we could have it for a month, maybe, no more, that would be perfect. The worst part about snow is February, when it’s been around for two months and there’s no more “First snowfall of the season” niceness, and it’s all turned to salty, grey, shoe- and bike-destroying slush.

[jack chick]


[/jack chick]

Argh. It wasn’t snowing when I woke up this morning, so I headed to work. Then, about an hour and a half into my shift, it started coming down. I had to wait another hour and a half before the guy who has a say in matters came in. So, I asked him if I could leave, and I did. But driving home was horrible. And I don’t understand how some cars are flying down the road at 60km/hr when it’s dangerous to even do 30.

Stupid snow. Now I don’t even get to have lunch because the house is out of food and if I want any, I might have to walk to get it. Yuck. Yuck, yuck, yuck a million times!!

I can’t enough of it! When I get too old to have fun in the snow, toss me in the oven and turn it up high!

See ya! I gotta get a little work done today, cause I’m skiing tomorrow! :smiley:

Just when you think you got it all together, the winder snaps fall bigger.

Can you send it over here? It was above 60° on Saturday & Sunday! Even at night!

Eek Jeff you can have ours. Albany it’s been snowing constantly but not a lot, so every few days we get 2-6 inches. Then it stops. Then it warms up, and about half of it melts. Then it re-freezes, and we get another 2-6. SO in the end we have this crappy sticky icy mess all over everything and it’s only January…

the hell of February is yet to come.

Why can’t it just snow between Christmas and New Year? That would be perfect/

Larry Mudd Really? I lived in B.C. until I was six, and I don’t recall my snowmen lasting more than a week.

I loves the snow. My brother got me a snow saucer last year, think I’ll break it out right now. :smiley: Look on the bright side! Other saps have to play Gotham Racing or Colin McRae to get some handbrake-turn action… I’ve been able to do 'em at 15km/h since November. :wink:

I don’t mind the snow, but I do mind living among people who don’t know what the hell it is or how to deal with it and drive in it. No offense, Seattle-ites, but what the hell?

We’ve received, maybe, three inches of snow. You’d think instead of moisture falling from the sky, the sky itself was falling. Let’s have live 24/7 radio and TV coverage of the weather! Close the schools! Stay off the roads, people! And all I can think is, you people don’t know from snow. And the thing is, they don’t, bless 'em. Out on the roads, people are either creeping along at 10 mph or flying by at 65 mph.

I realize that some of this is because the city is not really prepared for snow. There are few snow plows. There are, AFAICT, no sanding trucks. And some of it is media overkill on an otherwise slow news day. But let’s all get a grip, shall we? It’s just a little freakin’ snow.

[url=“http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/home/”] shows the snow we’re dealing with. Note that the dear little tot – out of school due to the weather – is actually making a snow angel on asphalt.

Dang. Fixed link.

I wish desparately I lived somewhere with snow… Pretty and white, sledding, snowmen.

All we got around here is lots of cactus and 115 degree days.

I guess the grass is always greener and all… (except that no grass grows here in the desert)

It’s snowed occasionally in Tucson. Y’all got 7 inches in December 1971. :slight_smile: