People who don't like snow...

…are nothing but grumpy Grinches who lost all of their youth and now wear ties or something.

There is no reason to not love snow.

“It’s cold!” Well, no shit! But when it’s REALLY cold, it doesn’t snow. It’s cold WITHOUT snow.

“I can’t drive in it!” That’s your problem. Move to Florida or learn to drive! It’s not that fucking hard. 16 year olds with learners permits manage it iin Rochester, you know.

Snow looks pretty, kids love it, and it’s generally a lot of fun!

Unless you had a relative who died in a blizzard - I will grant you an exception from this flame - your’re a party pooper who lost all of the “kid” in you. And therefore are a boring old fart.

Yer pal,

My son loves to go out and sweep the snow with a broom.He’s kindof gotten me into it too.

The odds on everyone agreeing with Satan’s statements on snow - about 1,000,000 to 1. Otherwise known as not standing a snowball’s chance in hell.

Actually, I agree with him completely. Snow is great.

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Brian, that’s easy for you to say, you don’t have to shovel the stuff for six months. (Trying to say something pitlike). You, you, you, evil one!!! (God, I told him off good).
Only three more months of winter left

You want brilliance BEFORE I’ve had my coffee!!!

Satan, you can insert a colon into that last sentence.

(Oops, wrong person to say THAT to)

You want brilliance BEFORE I’ve had my coffee!!!

I’ll weigh in here with a dissenting opinion.

Snow fucking sucks the big stiff eskimo weenie, especially here in Northwest Ohio. There’s nothing it’s good for here in the flat land. No skiing, no snowboarding, there’s only a couple of decent sledding hills and they’re overrun by, gasp… kids and their fucking idiot parents in those goddamned SUV’s. And don’t get me started on the driving habits of those miserable scrotes. What a load of shit. This city throws so fucking many tons of salt on the goddamned roads, you’d think they were in a conspiracy with the auto body shops.

I can think of only one upside of the snow and cold; the pistol range is absolutely deserted, so at least I can go shoot something.

If I never saw snow again, it would be an eternity too soon. Is my room ready yet, Satan?

I wholeheartedly agree. First off, I LOVE the cold. It is the only time I can actually regulate what temperature I am… more clothes = warmer. In the heat, you can only take off so many clothes and then you’re just naked and hot and probably arrested.
Second, snow is gorgeous. There isn’t much that is prettier than a snow covered landscape.
Third, it’s FUN.

I vote we have MORE WINTER! YAY SNOW!!!

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Odieman: I see you haven’t had your coffee yet… :wink:

UncleBeer: Well what the fuck are you doing in Toledo?

Move. Immediately. SanibelMan might have a room available.

Yer pal,

I wholeheartedly agree. <<< that was to Satan’s post, btw.

Teeming Millions:
“Meat flaps, yellow!” - DrainBead, naked co-ed Twister chat
O p a l C a t

Satan, I have often asked myself that very question. I guess it’s just inertia.

Seriously though, I don’t don’t hate snow and cold that much; it’s more of a mild occasional annoyance. I just thought we needed a caustic opinion here.

Next weekend, I’m headed up to my brother’s place near Grand Traverse Bay for some snowmobiling.

Ah snow…what could be more fun that snow?
Sure it’s cold, and wet, and slippery. Sure it gets down into your clothes and then proceeds to melt. Sure covers over all of nature in this beautiful white blanket which lasts for about 1 day until it just becomes an eyesore. Sure it makes you walk around with your eyes nearly shut to avoid the glare. I still love snow!
No, wait, I hate snow!

And what is this shit about liking snow=enjoying life like a child anyway? I grew up in fucking Africa and I’d have to say that even as a little child, coming back to the US on holiday, I hated snow. It’s cold and damp and slippery and miserable. The only reason people like it is because after several years of having to put up with it cognitive dissonance sets in and they manage to convince themselves that they just love snow so they can get through another winter without going on a homicidal rampage.
Snow sucks!

Actually I don’t really mind snow execpt when it’s still hanging around in April or when I have to shovel it for four days in a row.

The temperature is a balmy -4F and the high is supposed to go all the way up to 19F today, so I think it ain’t gonna melt soon, and my coffee is cold :frowning:

You want brilliance BEFORE I’ve had my coffee!!!

Well, I grew up in The Fucking Netherlands, so I might be wrong on this one, but: doesnt cognitive dissonance mean that one is unexpectedly unsatisfied with a certain situation, purchase, what-have-you?


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Not to risk your ire or anything Satan…
What? oh ya, it’s the pit. So -
Snow? Can’t stand the shit myself.
I grew up in sunny Southern California, and was then silly enough to move to Montana (nine years).I asked myself over and over while in Montana, “why do people live in this shit?” (hell, what am I doing here?)Nine friekin’ months of solid winter. I mean artic cold, snow blowing over the tundra - it get seriously cold up there.
Oh, I guess I could see it if it was just a
little skiff once in a while. But when you go outside and breath in and your nosehairs
freeze stiff, and your lungs get frosty, it
just too damned much!
So I moved to North Carolina…the “South”.
Where it is supposed to be warm. And it’s SNOWING! These people really can’t drive in snow! Arggggg…

Aside from hating snow I make time to read, play, and occasionally color. Since I’m female I don’t wear ties and avoid “power wear” of any type. IMHO I have not lost all of my youth or the interests that it led/still leads me to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now don’t get me wrong, I love snow. BUT, I hate having to keep taking vacation days because of it! (Doesn’t matter that the GOVERNMENT is closed. Not my office…I have to take a vacation day.) I only get 14 a fucking YEAR! And I kind of need some for this March!!!

Sorry. Needed to get that out.

It depends on your point of view.
People who don’t like snow are likely to be the people actually exposed to it,full-time. I enjoy skiing and stuff, now.


Back in my young-and-foolish days, I spent a thoroughly miserable winter, in the bleeding Danish infantry, in the frigging snow. Snow blows into every single opening in your clothing (and melts), making you partly wet, wholly cold and completely miserable. Snow works into the stitching on the boots and melts there. Snow blows into your weapon, you go indoors, snow melts, you go outdoors again, snow freezes - presto, one frozen-solid rifle.

If you manage to heat your foxhole to above freezing point (against orders, of course) - again the snow melts and turns your cosy foxhole into a mudhole instead.

Snow makes it impossible to recognize (sp?) rather important terrain features - such as lakes - when driving off-road. Sitting in a APC (basically, a heavy metal box on tracks) and realizing that the lurch you just felt was your vehicle going through the ice and into a frozen lake is NOT funny at all.

So, Satan: It’s a matter of perspective - and when you’re forced to spend a considerable amount of time in it, snow SUCKS!

I live in Toronto. We have two seasons.

Autumn and winter.

Snow? Bite me.

When the pin is pulled, Mr.Grenade is no longer our friend.

I like snow. On top of a mountain. With me at the bottom, looking up. “Oooooo, pretty…”

As for walking in it, driving in it, playing in it, no fucking thanks!!! I grew up near Dallas, where it snows, maybe three inches a year, and, most years, it doesn’t snow at all.

I’ll grant you this, though: It’s easier to drive on snow, with chains, than it is to drive on ice. :eek:

And I haven’t worn a tie since my father’s funeral in 1985. So there!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Snow sucks. Born and raised in Sunny Southern California, I will never adjust to snow. The only reason people say they “love” snow is because (like someone eariler mentioned) they have gotten so used to it, that they somehow delude themselves into thinking that it is good. After all - they don’t know any different, right?

I see nothing fun about icy roads, scraping ice off of your windshield, shoveling snow, or any of the rest of it. Not liking such things does not make you an old stick in the mud, it makes you sensible.

I am forever hearing people say that they don’t like climates (like Florida and California) where it is sunny and pleasant all the time, because “I like the seasons”. Well, let me tell you, seasons are overrated. Besides, you can tell when it is winter in California. It gets cooler. It rains more. DUH. It’s winter. In the summer it gets hotter, it rains less. That’s how you tell what fricking season it is! You don’t need to be bludgeoned over the head with several feet of nasty snow to discern that it’s winter!

End of rant. When I get started on the fricking snow…

I hate snow.

Its cold, and slippery, and heavy to shovel.
Its miserable to drive in, impossible/dangerous to walk in. And its cold, really fucking cold.

Satan, its easy for you, living in a place where the yearly snowfall is equal to the weekly snowfall in most Canadian province to say enjoy it! Dont drive in it if you dont want to! Blah blah blah!

MOst winters, is seems to snow fucking constantly, and I dont have the luxury of just staying home, I would lose my job! So I bundle the kids up, spend an hour digging, pushing, reving, all to get the beast onto the street, and drive white-knuckled all the way to work, dodging plows, other drivers, and salt trucks which are slowly killing the water table…all so after work I can do it all again.
Sure its fun, ONCE! then its a pain in the ass.

If I never see another flake of fucking snow, I wont miss it!

The only consession I make is that once it is down, and the roads cleared, its not too horrible…until it starts melting.