Damn you midwest ice storm!

This past ice storm was a sonnovabitch to me dammit! It wasn’t the roads, or the slippery parking lots. It was my damn car! I have seen worse, but i wasn’t driving at the time, but this is the worse i have seen while driving. The ice on my crappy car was almost 1/2 inch thick! dammit! It took me almost an hour of picking and smashing to get the ice off of my car to make a 15 minute trip. And as you would expect, the roads were also horrible. penis ensues (it was like 50 degrees 2 weeks ago!) DAMN ICE, damn nature! oh well

That’s why Og made garages… With AUTOMATIC door openers. Oh yes, I am spoiled.

My main gripe about this (and every) winter storm is this: The volume of dirty muck that gets spit up on my windsheild after it stops precipitating. Ferchrissakes, I’ve used nearly a whole gallon of Blue JuiceTM in a week. Pain in the arse.

I’m hatin’ this weather too! Now after 1-2 inches of ice (no lie!!) and two days off school, we get 2" of snow overnight and it’s still snowing. Therefore, we can’t leave the driveway until someone runs a snowblower. It sucks.
(The sheer beauty of the ice- and snow-covered trees and stuff I’ll take to another thread! :slight_smile: )

So why do we live in this god forsaken place? Why do we live in a place where the weather can kill us? I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve gotten use to it. Plus, worry gives me something to do.

Sandlegs’ location indicates that he/she is, quite likely, a college student at Western Illinois University, and thus, without a garage. Just a guess.

I have a garage (a car-hole, if you will) but the door is frozen shut. So, I’m glad I didn’t put my car in it to remove it from the terrors of ice and snow. One of the garage windows fell out, so we can still store our trash in there, albeit a bit less neatly than before.

I’m trying to think of a place to live where the weather can’t kill us.


looks at 2 inches of melting snow on ground

whistles some more

What in the hell is that supposed to mean? I’ve seen it two or three times now.

-neuroman, who enjoyed his high in the upper 60s today.

You may wish to peruse this thread. (It starts quite early.)

Ok, that’s what I figured, actually. :smiley: