Current tobacco cigarette smokers: Do you want to quit?

Poll coming:

Just a straightforward question to see what the interest level in quitting is for current cigarette smokers. Feel free to elaborate on your answers, if you wish.

I want to want to quit. I wish I didn’t smoke but I feel like I want to smoke more than I am actually addicted. I have quit a few times over the years for months at a time and always end up going back. Last several years I have not smoked between about 6pm and 6 am , 12 hours a day. I have gotten over my anxiety of running out of cigs and make it a point to run out before I buy more, I just can’t seem to quit for some reason, at a gut level I am convinced I don’t want to quit.

I last smoked 5 days ago. Problem is…I really, really enjoy smoking.

If things go as they have in the past, I’ll refrain from smoking for a couple of months and then start up again.

I really really enjoy smoking too. Did and do - I quit almost 2 years ago now. But I could pick up the habit right away.

However, you’re really going to like all the benefits of being a non-smoker, I guarantee! That’s what makes it “easy” to stay quit.

Good luck!!

Nothing wrong with a smoke on occasion…Cigar, Pipe, etc…

Stop vilifying everything. :mad:

There are few people indeed that can “occasionally” smoke. If I light one up I’m back to it, and my situation is the rule rather than the exception. If you can do it, more power to you.

The question was regarding tobacco cigarettes and those that smoke them, and nowhere in my OP was there a value judgement asserted, only a query about whether tobacco cigarette smokers wanted to quit or not.

Why does a straightforward question like that make you angry? :confused:

Personally. Because, that little wiggly neuron won’t let me have a smoke on occasion. :mad:

I am an occasional smoker. Nowadays I’ve cut back to the point where I’ll smoke maybe once a week. I was never a heavy smoker, but when I was drinking I would smoke easily half a pack in one night. This would happen maybe a couple times a month. Now, I make an effort to smoke less when I’m drinking. Last time I was out, I managed to stop at three.

I don’t get the urge to smoke per se. Certain triggers are what cause me to start craving. Alcohol is a big one. Coffee is another. Having a big meal also triggers the urge. Without these triggers I don’t feel the need. Luckily I live a pretty healthy lifestyle and these triggers don’t come up that often (well, except for coffee, but I conquer that one by chewing some gum right after I have a cup).

Honestly, the biggest reason I cut down so much is because of my boyfriend (I’ve posted this before somewhere). He used to be a fairly heavy smoker and has tried to quit multiple times. He’s in the middle of another attempt. His long history of smoking is apparent whenever he gets a health check - minor but irreversible damage has already been done. He also has mild asthma. Thinking about my own health doesn’t affect me much, but thinking about my boyfriend’s health is enough to scare me straight. So whenever I’m with him, I don’t smoke, so as to cut down on any temptation.

Once we start planning a family, I’ll be quitting alcohol and coffee anyway, which will make it a breeze to quit full stop. It’s weird - I can go for weeks without even thinking about a cigarette but for some reason I find it difficult to stop having the occasional cheeky fag.

Ambivalent: Day to day life; I could do with out the cigs.

But dammit, I likes my beer! And you can’t have a beer with out those heavenly cancer sticks. It’s like cookies with out milk.

I smoke because I’m awake. Tobacco is OTC as opposed to Xanax.
I quit once, for four years. Got ARDS.
I’m going for quality of life now, not quantity. I also drink and dance every chance I get.

Okay, I lied. I don’t really want to quit. I just have to quit. It’s holding me back with my second job teaching fitness. So many times, I’ve thought, “Man, this would be so much easier if I didn’t smoke. I would be so much better at this.” And then my class ends and I go smoke.

The most difficult smoke to give up will be the coffee + smoky treat in the morning on the back porch with the dog.

My partner has given up smoking. A couple of years ago she developed a persistent cough and was sent for a chest x-ray. She was given the x-rays to bring home and wait for a diagnosis. Of course we did the worst possible thing and compared them to Google images of other chest x-rays, and concluded that she had about 5 minutes to live. Turns out we were just looking at the blood vessels of perfectly healthy lungs I think, rather than rampant tumours or something.

Still, at least it frightened her into given up smoking.

To lend support I of course gave up smoking too. Well, I say gave up too, but I do still secretly have the odd puff, maybe 1 or 2 a month when she’s away and the urge takes me.

So I’m ambivalent about giving up as I realise I’m one of the very fortunate few who can keep the habit down to a reasonably low level.

I hope she never reads the SDMB, because from my user name and the above narrative, I’m so busted.:eek:

I voted yes, but am feeling a big no. I can’t wait to be free of my yummy, yummy cigarettes.

My final quit date is the 21st. No more cigs, no more Twinkies. Dammit, the Mayans were right!

Although I am perfectly aware that my cigs are not vitamin sticks, I am one of the only smokers that I know that doesn’t want to quit, and has never wanted to quit.

I’m quite willing to trade years of my (depressed) life for something that brings me not only joy, comfort, and peace, it also helps me to focus and concentrate. It helps me manage my weight, it’s the only thing that covers up the smell of the pot smoke, and it makes sure I get outside at least a couple times a day.

Sure, I have lost a lot of lung power, colds hit me like a freight train, I stink, and I’m out ten bucks a day. Still worth it to me.

Well, with small numbers to calculate from, it looks like among actively smoking SDMB board denizens, about 1/3 want to quit, 1/3 don’t, and the remainder are undecided.

Thanks to the smokers who participated so far, and I look forward to seeing if we can get some more numbers.

It most certainly does NOT do that.

I want to quit, badly. I hate the fact that I am addicted to them. I had quit several months ago for a couple months and I secretly started back up…my sons and my parents still think I don’t smoke anymore. So the self-loathing over being a miserable nicotine addict doesn’t help the cause any.


It does and it doesn’t. It won’t cover the smell if you’re smoking inside, but if you smoke a joint outside, blow downwind, then smoke a cig, then wash your hands, you won’t smell like pot. I asked my ex-boss years later if he knew I came into work high most days, and he was shocked.

To comment on the OP, I’m surprised that there are as many smokers who don’t want to quit as there are. I find my attitude is very much in the minority among the smokers I know, most want to quit in some way, shape or form, if only half-heartedly.

Ah, that makes more sense. I thought you were talking about inside! And back in my day, I would have added a couple shots of cologne, some gum or mints, a couple drops of visine, etc to that “no I’m not high, why do you ask?” checklist.

Cologne? Visine? Wow, I know that pot can give you the munchies, but seriously?