Are you or have you ever been a smoker?

Options are extensive but not exhaustive; I included as many options as I could come up with, but obviously everyone’s situation is unique.

All options refer specifically to tobacco.

Read all options before you vote. Choose the option that most closely reflects you:

  1. I’m an active, heavy smoker (1 pack or more a day)

  2. I’m an active smoker (less than a pack a day)

  3. I’m an occasional smoker (a pack a week or less)

  4. I’m a “social smoker” (I smoke when others are smoking, but generally I don’t buy or own cigarettes)

  5. I’m a bum (I smoke whenever I can get them, without paying for them)

  6. I’ve smoked a cigarette or two in my life

  7. I smoke e-cigs

  8. I’m quitting (I’m cutting down)

  9. I’m quitting (I smoke e-cigs)

  10. I’m quitting (I’m using gum or patches but still smoking)

  11. I’m quitting (I’m using gum or patches and not smoking)

  12. I’m quitting (cold turkey)

  13. I’m a quitter (a year ago or less)

  14. I’m a quitter (long ago)

  15. I smoke cigars (regularly or occasionally)

  16. I used to smoke cigarettes but switched to cigars

  17. I smoke a pipe (regularly or occasionally)

  18. I used to smoke cigarettes but switched to the pipe

  19. I smoke cigars and a pipe, but not cigarettes

  20. I smoke cigars, pipes, and cigarettes

  21. I’ve never smoked, ever

I guess I’m an active smoker. I started at twelve years old and used to smoke all the live long day. Some years ago I cut out smokes at work, while driving, then finally smoking in my home. If I were working I’d probably only smoke socially (on weekends while drinking). I just purchased an e-cigarette so we’ll see where that leaves me in a few weeks.

I smoked regularly, quite heavily at times, for about a dozen years or so. I consider myself a quitter, but I admit to very rare bouts of “social smoking” (once or twice a year, usually around the holidays when all of my old friends who still smoke are around).

Quitting was a multi-stage process for me; I went “cold turkey” for about 6 months, then I did just under a year of “The Bum,” followed by strictly “social smoking,” which, as noted above, still occurs on rare occasions but I think I’m finished. The last time I had the opportunity to smoke (about a month ago), I accepted the offered cigarette but after just one drag I found that I really didn’t want it and put it out. I think I’m done.

Hehe, I don’t know how to answer this :smiley: The cloves I smoke were reclassified as ‘cigars’ in order to get around the ‘CIGARETTES CANT TASTE GOOD, BUT CIGARS AND PIPES STILL CAN—SAVE THE CHILDREN!!!’ ruling that went into effect a few years ago.

So, I guess I should put that I smoke cigars, since those cloves are the one and only analog I smoke.

Huh. I’m a cigar-smoker, wheee!

Wait wait…16 is for me! “I used to smoke cigarettes, but switched to cigars.” <3 <3 <3

I smoked from age 16 to 40. Really one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done. Quitting was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Now I’m watching my close friend for 20+ years die of lung cancer, probably from smoking. It sucks. :frowning: If you smoke and are reading this, please quit- if not for yourself, then for the people that have to watch you die.

I’m a bum, but it’s been at least three years since I’ve had anyone to bum from.

I stopped last August, cold turkey, when I found out I was pregnant. With all the other first trimester sickness I barely noticed. I do still miss it sometimes, but it’s not so bad.

I quit 20 years ago after almost 17 years of smoking about, I’d guess, a pack a day. I support even the harshest anti-smoking laws and would like to see tobacco outlawed.

Quitter, long ago. (3 years in early December)

I did take hits off a few cigarettes on my 40th birthday, in August. I do not consider that falling off the wagon.

I’ve never smoked. Ever. Unless you count the one drag my then BFF talked me into when I was 15. I gagged, looked at her and said “are you nuts?” and gave it back. “oooh no no no” she says “you have to give it a chance”. That stuff is SO nasty!

I declined, and have never smoked (tobacco :D) ever.

I chose “smoked one or two in my life” but it would be more accurate to say that I’ve tried a cigarette once or twice. A puff, a cough, and a cigarette handed to someone else who would enjoy it more.

wow, I thought I was bad :smiley:

Closest I’ve ever been to smoking anything is when I kissed someone who just finished a cigarette. I was already an ardent non-smoker. And from my perspective, kissing her was like kissing an ash tray. Nasty.


I quite maybe ten years ago but picked “I’m a bum” – not quite accurate. I don’t bum a smoke whenever I can. If I’m talking with a friend and he or she is smoking, if I feel like it I might bum a smoke. Just something to do. Maybe a few times a year – not more than that. It’s still fun, just doesn’t fit in with my life anymore.

Yup, that’s me. Watched my dad die a slow and agonizing death with COPD. He was a lifelong smoker. His death was a blessing. I would never wish that kind of life on anyone.

Cigarettes: started smoking right after High School, 18 months later, up to pack and a half daily, I quit cold turkey. Didn’t bother me at all, never missed it. That was 40 years ago.

Boo: Several months later I discovered weed, and spent the next 15 years smoking it heavily, and more or less daily. After many failed attempts to quit, I stopped cold 25 years ago. Missed it for a week or so, haven’t given it a thought since.

Never tried even a drag. I grew up with parents who smoked. I always thought it was gross.

I guess I’m a 4.5 on your scale. I’ll occasionally have a cigarette or two socially, virtually always in conjunction with alcohol. I usually bum them, but every once in a while I’ll pick up a pack if I’m going to a concert, bachelor party, or other such event. Then I’ll either end up giving the rest of the pack away, or I’ll toss it on my dresser until I come across it 2 months later and throw it away.

I started smoking cigars and a pipe during the summer between 10th and 11th grades. Tried cigarettes a time or two, but couldn’t stand them - too harsh. Smoked for about 20 years, but then someone stole my favourite pipe and I couldn’t find another one I liked anywhere near as well, so I tapered off and quit a year or two later. Non-smoker for 20 years now…