Do you smoke?

Simple as that. I’m talking about tobacco in any of it’s delivery devices - pipe, hookah, cigarette. cigar, etc. If you smoke pot but not tobacco, I’d say that is a no.

Feel free to explain your answer further in a post, but for this poll it is a yes/no answer. It doesn’t matter if you only smoke while drinking in bars, or only two cigarettes a day, I’m just curious if you smoke at all, or never.

Nope. I was born in 1957, so I grew up when smoking was considered cool. As a preteen and young teen, I would buy cigarettes from vending machines (and that’s the reason ciggies aren’t sold in machines now, because kids can buy from them) and smoke. However, due to circumstances which I won’t relate here, I started living with my maternal grandparents when I was sixteen and a half. Grandpa was a heavy, heavy smoker, and frequently had lit cigarettes in various rooms of the house at the same time. I got to see how cool and glamourous an old smoker can be. That turned me right off smoking, and I’m glad it did.

My husband smoked for about 20 years, and I developed a sensitivity to it. He finally quit about 10 years ago.

Smoked for 21 years, tried to quit several times a year after the first three or four. Finally managed to do so and have been smoke free for 25 years. Still, I’m wary of going back. I’d love to get into cigars to go with my beloved single-malt scotches, but I don’t because I don’t want to take the chance that they could lead me back to cigarettes.

Nope. My dad and stepdad both smoked like chimneys, and there was no getting away from it. The day I left for college and didn’t have to be around cigarette smoke all night long every night was one of the best days of my life.

Not anymore. Smoked for about a decade and quit just under 2 years ago.

I smoke pretty infrequently, maybe finishing a pack every two months. I only smoke cloves, everything else is just disgusting.

Nope. Never had any interest, and in fact I’ve never even tried a cigarette. My father smoked when I was younger, and we were pretty much allowed to take a cigarette and try it if we wanted to - none of us three kids ever did. No mystery to it, no sense of rebellion against our parents, and besides, it stank!

Not anymore. 17 weeks now, I think -I’m starting to lose track. Mostly cigarettes. Hated dip/chew/snuff, friends were big into cigars but I just couldn’t get into them, pipes occasionally (primarily during periods when I had “quit” smoking), pretty much cigarettes. There’s a lot I miss about it, but my life priorities started to change a few months ago and I decided cigarettes didn’t match up.

In January it will be two years since I quit my 22 year addiction. :slight_smile:

I’m happy to report that no, I don’t smoke (cigarettes).

FYI, the % of American adults who smoke is 20.6%. I can’t find what it is worldwide. Smoking declines as education levels increase, and I think this board is more educated than the general population, but the current statistics show that there are more smokers than the average.

I don’t smoke now, no. I quit 2 and a half months ago.

I’m hopeful it will stick this time, but I’ve had lots of practice at quitting smoking, so who knows…

Nope. Flirted with social smoking as a young college student, but never really picked up a regular habit. In the end I almost certainly smoked more joints than cigarettes in college and I haven’t touched either in a very long time.

Did use copenhagen dip/chewing tobacco as a semi-regular habit for several months in High School, until my gums started peeling. That was the end of that.

Yes, I’ve smoked for 17 years and currently smoke about a half pack a day. I’ve made I think 2 or 3 half hearted attempts at quitting, but it was never because I really wanted to stop.

Quit seven months ago. Still smoke in my dreams, though.

No. Never have.

I did in my youth, but gave it up at age 25.

I had read that 1 in 5 do. We seem to be a little higher here at the dope.

Both parents smoked, and I never liked the smell, so I never started.

I did smoke a cigar once, however, during a fraternity hell night.

I smoke Hookah and Cigars from time to time, maybe a rollie or an American spirit if I am drunk. I don’t smoke habitually. I smoke pot way more than I smoke tobacco.