Have you ever smoked a cigar?

I have never done so (and never will), but for some reason, I like reading about cigars. No idea why.

Poll to come.

Yes, a few times…and I don’t like them.

They are overrated and rather pungently nasty.

Yes. I was a regular cigar smoker for a couple of years.

I don’t smoke at all.

A friend persuaded me to try a cigar once. I smoked it. I didn’t find it particularly nasty, it didn’t make me sick. But it didn’t give me any pleasure either. I don’t see the attraction.

I voted for Yes, once…and I didn’t like it. although it would be more true to say that I was neutral. I neither liked nor disliked it.

My best friend at the time got married, cigars were passed around, I lit up later that night, wasn’t horrible. Next morning my mouth had broken out in about twenty fever blisters; had never happened before, hasn’t happened since–probably because I’ve never lit up another one.

Used to on occasion. A habit I picked up from my father. (Although I preferred the little Parodi over his TopStones.)

His dying of stomach cancer took the glamour right off.

1-3 a year is probably the right number, though I think if you averaged out the last decade or so it would average to closer to 0-2. I like 'em, but I don’t like what they do to my hair and clothes.

In my 20s it seemed the cool thing to do. So I did it. But I never really liked it. Even when I was a cigarette smoker, I couldn’t stand cigar smoke or the taste or the little bits of tobacco in my mouth when the thing got wet.

Back when I smoked cigs, I tried a few cigars. I rather liked them, but I didn’t smoke them very well. I kept sucking at them like they were cigs.

Anyone old enough to remember back in the 90s when it was “cool” and “edgy” for women to smoke cigars?

Yeah, not even then. And those were my drinking days.

Asthmatic here. Don’t like cigarettes. Hate cigars. On top of disliking smoking, I cannot imagine putting something in my mouth that will make onlookers think, “does she know that every guy here is thinking of that cigar as his cock?”

One end on fire and the other either cut off or bitten through?

Remind me not to date you!

Smoke a panatela and it won’t occur to them.


Some people are into that sort of thing, you know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cigars are great until you light them.

I’m a non-smoker - I’ve never had a cigarette or joint or anything - but I’ve smoked 3-4 cigars in my lifetime. I kind of like the smell, although I don’t care for the taste they leave in my mouth afterward. I’d smoke one again if someone gave me one, but I can’t see myself doing it very often.

Fore me, it’s only really fun if I’m smoking one with a group of my buddies. And the combination of 1) being out with my buddies 2) with cigars 3) in a place that allows smoking is pretty rare.

I did this too. It was hard not to inhale, but inhaling was disgusting.

I tried one once when my husband smoked cigars. Didn’t like it, and afterwards it tasted like a dog shat in my mouth.

The two-three times I tried it were with cheap, crappy cigars. I never tried a “good” one and have no desire to. I’ve been around people smoking good ones and didn’t think they smelled any better than the cheap ones. I have been an off and on cigarette smoker so it’s not like I have an anti smoke bias. Pipe smoking holds even less allure for me than cigars.

Back when I smoked tobacco in other various forms, I tried cigars a few times. The upscale ones are better than the basic ones but if I wanted rich tobacco taste I went with pipe tobacco instead.

I used to smoke cigarettes. At one point I had this strange idea that I would quit smoking by switching to cigars. Problem was I had difficulty not inhaling, and it just wasn’t a satisfying experience, so I tossed the cigars and quit cigarettes the old-fashioned way.