Curse the sun, curse my family's skin

Once upon a time, I was an extremely white kid who loved to swim. Naturally, any kid who is swimming all the time might be a bit sunburned every once in a while. It used to be no big deal, and by adulthood my arms and shoulders were extremely freckled.

Then my uncle didn’t catch the skin cancer until it had spread to his brain. We lost him, and all of us got a dermatologist to take a look at our many freckles.

The result? My brother, at 25, has several suspect moles removed, as does my father. We’re all clear, but it is now advisable that We severely limit sun exposure. In my case, strictly so for my shoulders and arms. That means long sleeves. In summer. In Philadelphia, where it really is hot as hell sometimes.

I hate you, sun and heredity.

High-SPF sunscreen?

According to your highest temps are like 84.

Fuck you, that isn’t hot. Secondly, you don’t have cancer, and it looks like your parents caught it early and are ok. That isn’t something to bitch about. This is a good thing.

You come across as a real whiner here. This pit is lame. Next time put it in mini-rants, because frankly, wearing long sleeves is a mini-rant at best. And where I come from, not getting fucking cancer pretty much cancels that out.

Yeah, fuck his dead uncle, who cares about that guy.

And you’ll notice 84 is an AVERAGE high, not the highest. It does in fact get really fucking hot there sometimes.

From someone in Michigan (where it has topped 100 on rare occasions) with two parents and a grandparent who’ve had various skin cancers removed, I say this rant is just fine. Sorry about your uncle, Platypus.

I grew up in the 50s, where we routinely turned lobster red every summer.

My family now routinely gets chunks of their faces cut out due to skin cancer.

But we use 1024-SPF sunscreen and stay in the shade when we can… but I play outdoor soccer and bike a lot, and it has NOT changed my lifestyle.

The OP hasn’t had disfiguring surgeries, but even if it happens, my attitude is: There are so many worse medical conditions you could have.

Just make sure you get checked regularly and get biopsied and catch them in time (sorry about your uncle).

Not only can it get considerably hotter than 84 in Philly, but that heat, in the summer can come with some pretty awful humidity. I lived in Baltimore for almost 8 years, and Philly’s weather isn’t that different. There’s no fucking way i’d walk about in long sleeves during the summer, even in the evening. In Baltimore, my long-sleeved shirts and long pants got put away in early June, and i lived in shorts and t-shirts through the end of September, at least.

I live in Mississippi. Where it hits 109 (averaged high- 92) with an astonishing amount of humidity. And I am also genetically prone to skin cancer. And yet, somehow, I don’t whine about it like a little bitch baby.

Also, the OP didn’t give two shits about his uncle; why should I? Dude was barely mentioned. If it had been a “My uncle died I haz a sad” post I wouldn’t have said anything, but the post was “My uncle died, no biggie, but NOW I HAVE TO WEAR LONG SLEEVES IN THE SUPER HOT 85 DEGREES WAAAAAAAAAH!” which is fucking dumb.

Hey, OP, here’s an idea. Whet it gets “Philly Hot” (which is what? 90?) stay inside. BOOM. Solved your problem. Next!

Sorry miss elizabeth, but it can be bloody sweltering in Philly during the Summer, easily over 100 degrees. It’s still officially Winter here and the forecast is for temps to be in the mid 70’s for most of this week.

We had no snow to speak of this season and the weather has been crazily near-Springlike for much of the Winter. I predict this Summer will be Hellishly hot.

Well, someone is this thread sounds like a bitch.

So you’re nasty *and *you’re stupid. Great!

I certainly am a nasty bitch, but I’m not stupid. However, thinking that location indicates intelligence doesn’t speak too highly for you.

That sucks. We never had a winter to speak of either, and I am also fearful of what summer will bring. But all this still doesn’t equal up to a decent pit thread.

Ordinarily, I’d say you were right.

Whoa, miss elizabeth. I grew up in Alabama and live there now, but I’m here to tell you: the mid-Atlantic in the Summer ain’t that different. I lived in DC for quite a while, and the summers were creditably hot and humid, even by my Coastal Plain Alabama standards. They just didn’t last as long or have temperature spikes that were as long. But the everyday conditions were quite comparable.

As a lily white sister of the shadows, I feel your pain. Sun exposure, particularly in the early summer, is a Very Bad Thing for me, and I usually have to wear a giant hat and long-sleeved sun protective clothing and yes, people stare. Being sun sensitive is expensive, uncomfortable and a pain in the ass. It makes healthy outdoor activities like hiking, running, and swimming very difficult. Oh, and driving too. I almost always get sick on long-distance car rides because even with sun protective clothing, it’s just too much.

Given my family history, I’m basically just waiting to find out if it’s skin cancer or breast cancer I get first.

Uh, I’m fairly sure that this came as a shock to him. He had to deal with the death of his uncle, possible melanoma and a lifetime of being wary about activities that were previously taken for granted. I’m guessing you on the other hand were gradually made away of the risk of cancer and took precautions for most of your life.

Edit: That said, spare a thought for the women of the Arabic Peninsula that have to encounter far higher temperatures in a black abaya.

Well, at least this thread isn’t boring. :slight_smile:

. . .

Ohhhhh. I get it.

miss elizabeth thinks this is a poor Pit thread, so she’s taking one for the team in order to bring it up to snuff.


Oh, and Philly’s all-time record high temp is 106 degrees.

Last levelup I took the “Look Shit Up” feat.

I’m not going to call you a “bitch baby” (hehe). But while heredity can indeed suck, take solace in the fact that you can take preventative measures. Lots of hereditary conditions are not like this at all.

Naw, you just snark needlessly like a big bitch adult.

Having had my dad get half his face rebuilt this past summer for a skin cancer that was starting to involve bone (he’s doing well for someone undergoing this at his age, and in good spirits now) I am now one nervous dude about all the many spots I have all over. Specially since I never took much notice of what they looked like before 2011…

BTW,* loose* long sleeves help a bit. And I’ve found that a close-fit layer of wicking fabric under the shirt actually makes it more comfortable in sweaty weather.

OTOH that must provide quite a protection from sun exposure so there’s a tradeoff for you. And people from Arizona would say, “but it’s a dry heat” :dubious:
[nit] ArabiAN Peninsula. Arabic is the language.[/nit]