Curse you, bank!

Long story short, some idiot at my bank messed up my SSN–they transposed two digits. Because of this, they locked my account. They did not inform me of this. I have several automatic payments set up. Because my account was locked, they did not go through. I have received about $200 in late fees.

My bank did not inform me that my account was locked, they did not warn me that it would be locked, nothing!

I have to go there and give a copy of my Social Security card to unlock my account. Then I’m withdrawing all my money and telling them to fuck themselves.

Let me guess. Wells Fargo.

Bank One, which doesn’t even exist anymore, screwed up my SSN when I set up my account YEARS ago. Because the process to get it corrected is so complicated, I’ve just let it sit like that. I’ve never had it locked up, but every time I need to provide my SSN for identification purposes, I end up having major problems because I can’t remember exactly what the messed up version of SSN is.

And they’re (this is Chase now, which is no better) totally unsympathetic, like it’s MY fucking fault that they fucked up. Assholes.

Does it matter? Name a bank that isn’t trying to screw their customers out of their money right now. If there’s a way, they’ll find a fee.

Years ago I had a bank that kept sending me statements postage due. It was a hassle as I had a PO box at the time, and I would have to go stand in line to pay the $0.17 to get my statement.

When I complained to the bank, they blamed the post office. They also made it clear they thought I had a bad attitude.

Complain to everyone up to the bank president, if they don’t also refund your late fees. I don’t know if you’ll get one thin dime out of them but it’s worth a try.

Oh… and [brokenrecord]join a credit union[/brokenrecord].

It’s not complicated. Go to a branch with your social security card and have them fill out a W-9. They fax it down and the problem is fixed.

I don’t have a social security card. It was in my wallet when it was pickpocketed years ago. They won’t accept my plethora of other forms of ID, and the social security office is open business hours. I’d have to take a day off of work to go in person to get a new one.

That’s a lot of inconvenience for ME as a result of the SOMEONE ELSE’S error.

Funny thing is, I have joined a credit union. I just have bank accounts six-ways sideways. This is just incentive to consolidate everything, though.

Really? :rolleyes:

Um, yeah, really. What’s so absurd about that? Someone else makes a typo, and I have to have to take a day off work, go to another city, wait in line, do all this shit to fix it. And I didn’t even have to show them a social security card to set up the account in the first place - they were happy to accept my word then. But when I say “oh, btw, this should actually be a 1 instead of a 2”, noooo that requires actual documentation.

Replacing your social security card, after it was stolen, is not important enough to you to take a day off work in years?

You haven’t changed jobs since then? Or renewed your driver’s license?

No one other than my bank has ever asked to see it. I have gotten new drivers licenses, new passports, and started new jobs since then. No problem.

Of course I could have taken a day off in all that time. To be honest, it slips my mind for years at a time that this error exists until it comes up, and then I’m frustrated and annoyed, but whenever it has occurred, taking time off of work has never been convenient. By the time it is convenient, I’ve forgotten that the error is there.

Clearly this isn’t a pressing issue, but the OP reminded me of it, and it made me grouchy all over again.

Have a cookie.

No, have an ice cream cone.

I got my Social Security card just after i arrived in the United States on an F1 student visa over 10 years ago.

In that time, i’ve held teaching positions at three universities in two states, applied for and been issued a driver’s license, got married, and gone through the process to become a permanent resident of the United States. You know how many people have wanted to see the physical card since then? Not one. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

I remember the day i received the card. I had been told how important the Social Security card was, how i needed to guard it with my life, make sure no-one else got their hands on it, and make sure i didn’t lose it. I almost fell over laughing when i saw that this all-important, once-in-a-lifetime document was a flimsy piece of blue card with my name and a nine-digit number typed onto it. No barcode, no magnetic strip, no photograph; the damn thing isn’t even laminated, ferchrissakes. I just can’t take it seriously.

You can mail the stuff in to get a replacement social security card. You don’t have to visit the office in person.


You will have to mail them your actual passport, which seems a bit icky, and you’ll be without it for a while, but you don’t have to take off work.

The pickpocket made a mistake?

Yep. I lost that flimsy card decades ago when my wallet got wet or something. I would laugh at anyone who asked for the physical card. Of course, I have a passport and other ID. Still, I can’t think of a time in at least 30 years that I have been asked for that card.

My credit union’s shared branches stated hassling me because my name on my social security card and various other forms of ID (Driver’s Licence) do not match. Everything is either Firstname Middlename Lastname or Middlename Lastname; there is no legal reason they should have to be exact matches. They straight up told me that if it were Firstname Lastname vs. Firstname Middlename Lastname it would be no problem.

When I went it to straighten this out, they wouldn’t accept two valid passports from two countries as two picture IDs. Given the identity-proof you need to provide to get any passport, I would think it would be better than a secondary ID deriving from passport #1, but what do I know? (I wouldn’t have tried this in the first place, but I had only brought my US wallet in and it no longer has anything with picture IDs.)

Wells Fargo’s mistake with me was spelling my mother’s maiden name wrong. 20 years with no problem, and one time I really needed them over the phone from Europe, they asked me to spell it. “That’s not right,” they said. Excuse me? They never would tell me how they spell it, but think a name like Christie. Relatively common surname, but easy for someone to screw up.

Finally, re: SSNs, I was astounded when I decided to come to Canada. The process of getting an SIN number, their equivalent of the SSN, was so easy. I walked in, a nearly-40-year-old guy with still resident in the US now wanting a number. 15 minutes after walking through the door I had one, and they mailed my card to LA 3 weeks later.

(Mildly off-topic, but whoever came up with the idea of flimsy SS cards should be kicked in the nuts. Multiple times.)