Curse you damn vomit sickness

Okay I just need to vent a bit… sorry if it isn’t too general in what I am cursing.

Curse you damn vomit sickness… It wasn’t like I needed any sleep the night before last so I could go to work or anything… I much rather preferred to be puking my guts out all night (which I haven’t done in four years) it really made me appreciate how much I actually do enjoy sleep. And you can piss off because now today whenever I laugh my fuckin gut hurts like hell. And if that wasn’t enough for you you had to screw me over by making me have to get up every hour to relieve the goddamn south park explosive shitting building up. And you really pissed me off by making it so I had a frickin fever the entire day so I couldn’t make it into work and get to spend the entire day worrying if my new bosses would get pissed at me for not showing up. I spent the entire day yesterday fighting your sorry advantage taking ass and am proud to say I counquered you. And I must tell you that I did not look very fondly on you making all those shittin’ gastrointernal noises all day making me embarassed to be sitting there with my office mate… and this is your final warning… if you pull that shit tommorow when I show up for work tommorow, I swear by god that I will go to the frickin grocery store and by some fuckin medicine to shut you up. And you better go tell all of your friends that they better not be showing up cause I don’t got time to put up with your shit so close to leaving for my European trip, and I swear to the UPN that if you or your buddies show up just before or during my trip I will make you sorry that you ever were genetically mutated.
Thanks for Reading.

Damn, that sucks. Always hated getting those stomach viruses.

Hope you’re feeling better.


The last time I was sick the medic told me;

“Plenty of liquids.”

And I replied;

“Yeah Doc, at both ends…”


Oh. Oh, dear. You poor thing. I haaaaate nausea, more than anything else! Pain, I can take. “Lower abdominal distress” (yes, you know what I mean) I can take.

But nausea? Just kill me. Have you tried Coca-Cola syrup over chopped ice? Best thing for it, and keeps you hydrated.