Custom Bumper Stickers

I have an image I want on a bumper sticker. Where can I get this done, and about how much is it going to cost me?

Contact a local print shop or screen printer. The cost depends on the size, number of colors to be printed, the type of stock (coated paper, vinyl, etc.) and the adhesive (removable or permanent). Many times there’s a one-time set up charge, too. Shop around and get a few prices.

When Houston was threatened with zoning about years ago, it stirred me to grass roots activism. I designed a NO ZONING bumper sticker in CorelDRAW (v. 2.0, I believe - possibly 3.0) and output it as an .eps (postscript) file (because printshops were still Mac oriented).

I took it on diskette to a printer who gave me several options. I opted for the (I can’t rememer if this was considered two color or three color) red and black on white easily removable mylar kind with an estimated one year life before fading. IIRC, it cost $116 for 1000 of them.

So, the answer is a print shop.

…about 10 years ago… I have no affiliation with them. Their website says $2.99 each.

Do NOT, repeat DO NOT pay anything near $2.99 each for bumper stickers. You will have to buy them in quantity, 500 or 1,000, but you shouldn’t end up paying more than .25 each. Get offline and get thee to a real printer.

I’m a photographer/graphic designer that works exclusively with musicians and consequently do about 3-5 orders for stickers a month minimum. I strongly recommend
(no I am not affiliated with them in any way - I just use them constantly and I have never had a problem with them.

Right now they’re doing 4" squares or circles for $99 per 1000, bumper sticker are a little pricier and vary by color usage, but you can do simple 1/1 color for around $130 per 1000

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If you need design or layout work, I’d be happy to assist :slight_smile:
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I just want one. :slight_smile:

you can order them pretty cheap (but not single-y) from they have loads of various options

If you can set it up on your computer, print out a copy and take it to a copy shop. Use Fasson or Starliner for the final copy, permanent adhesive, the removable adhesive will fall off in a few days.

For the record, that’s probably “spot color”… Black & White, with 1 color (usually red). You’ll see spot colour a lot in newspaper ads and in the Yellow Pages.

My “bumper sticker” is on the rear window of my pickup truck. (it’s my sig line). I just print it out on a color printer. When it gets sun faded, I print out another one. Since I do all this at work, so far it has cost me free dollars.

I agree, too, if all you want is one. I just didn’t want to see somebody paying 2.99 each for fifty or a hundred of them, when they could get thousands for the same money from a commercial printer.