Customers called "Fat Girls" on receipt at restaurant

I really have nothing to say about that, have no idea. I read some comments saying girls deserved because they are fat. Do you think they deserved it? Or was the waiter being an asshole?

How fat were they?

Well, kind of depends on whether the waiter intentionally gave them the receipt with the note still on it or not. If he listed them as fat girls on the computer (to more easily identify them) with the intention to remove that from the receipt before printing it, then forgot, it’s an honest mistake. Doesn’t seem like a particularly big deal to me. If he intentionally gave it to them that way, then he was kind of an asshole.

So wait, the waiter was a douche and their egos were bruised so they don’t have to pay their bill? How does that work?

Probably not an asshole so much as an idiot.

I worked with a waiter who wrote ‘old people’ on the top of one of his cheques, again, to keep his tables straight. He intended to rip that portion off (it was the removable header that held the copies together!) before presenting their bill. But he forgot. They said nothing, but he got a tiny tip.

We all howled with laughter over it. He was so clueless that fellow. He’s now a school teacher!

Crass? Completely, and offensive. But probably mostly from stupidity. The smirking manager should be getting some pushback, one hopes, because his job it to placate the customer and make it right.

I’m glad at least the owner seems to care. Good on them for bringing it out into the open.

It’s not okay, and it doesn’t matter how fat they are. (Yeah, Loach, I know you’re trying to be funny, but that’s not okay either.)

Grown ups don’t call people names, especially not strangers who’ve done them no harm. It’s bad enough when it’s the anonymity of the Internet. It’s even worse when it happens in real life.

It seems like he didn’t realize that his private notation got printed on the receipt. It was in poor taste but not that big of a deal unless there has been a pattern of shitty behavior. An apology and a free meal should be the end of it.

Can’t really comment until we get BMI figures.

There is a video in the link. You can watch it.

I was wondering that myself. The article says they were offered a 25% discount, then a 50% discount, both of which they declined. How do you “decline” a discount without then paying the full amount?

What I really REALLY wonder is the reason why people make comments like that:

It’s a pretty dumb idea to write something offensive even on something that you’re going to throw away. Things go wrong.

The guy was an asshole.

It has become a general expectation that if you get outrageously bad service at a restaurant – particularly if a member of staff insults you – that the restaurant will eat the cheque.

Yes. It is. In humor nothing should be made off limits. I do not believe there should be a line in humor and I don’t care when anyone crosses an arbitrary line. And if you knew me you would know I am extremely polite and have a heightened sense of decorum.

And my irreverent comment was a small poke at Tasky’s prolific OP postings and not commenting on how bloated the women were. Although I do believe the outrage is stupid and meaningless. The waiter obviously wasn’t insulting the women. They weren’t meant to see it. It was shorthand to keep the tables straight. A simple mistake that’s all.

They were evidently so humiliated they went to ABC News to make sure the whole country knows about it?

Really? I have never been insulted. But I have had bad service or big mistakes. I’m not a loud complainer so maybe I could have gotten more, but the most I have received was knocking items off the check.

The worse the trespass, the more you’re likely to get. And, yes, the louder you complain, the more you’re likely to get. A server isn’t usually authorized to comp an entire meal. For that you have to complain directly to management.

Picture above. I’m not saying that they deserved this no matter how they looked but I am sure that there are others as curious as I was.

I don’t see it as calling people names. They were fat, it’s an apt description:

I have a feeling that in Stockton CA putting ‘Mexican girls’ on the tab might not be as helpful a note.

Sure, but getting a free meal for bad service is still a “gift” from the restaurant. You can’t just say, “Well the service was outrageously bad so I’m not going to pay.” That’s stealing unless the restaurant agrees to your terms.