"cut into 3/4 inch pieces" meaning?

i.e. chicken breasts. Getting ready to stir fry them. Instructions say to cut the chicken into 3/4" pieces. Cubes 3/4" on a side? strips 3/4" long? wide? what does that expression mean?

I’m not a big fan of stir fry, but I’d probably make them into strips (the short way) and cut the longer ones once or twice. Baking may be a science, but cooking is an art. As long as it’s cooked all the way through and sort of bite size (no one will mind cutting it with their fork), you’re fine.

For stir fry “cut into 3/4 inch pieces” means cut into rough cubes about 3/4 inch on a side. Or no bigger than bite size (and that would still be a big bite for some people). Or, if you hav something round like a carrot, cut the vegetable cylinder into 3/4 long sections.

I’m fine faking it - I just want to know what that expression generally means.

Cubes is what they mean. But you can cut them however you like.

I would interpret it to mean 3/4" pieces. It can certainly be written more clearly. But 3/4" strips will work fine, too.

1/2 in strips seems more like it for stir fry.

If it’s your typically sized chicken breast, I would slice it lengthwise into three or four long strips, then slice those into 3/4" pieces. Or, as others said, you basically want bite size pieces that will cook quickly all the way through.

With stir fry it’s not like you’re gonna mess it up by cutting them wrong. Just try it how you think you’ll be able to handle it in the pan best, worst that happens is next time you try it another way.

:smack: That should say “cubes.”