Cut-up movies on Premium channels!!

I was watching the American Werewolf in London, again, the other night and there came a gory scene where the beast rips the head off of the Inspector (right towards the end) and, normally, the take goes on to show the head on the pavement, moving it’s mouth and eyes.

That was CUT!

I saw one of the Alien movies on one of the other premium channels where one pays extra to get to watch movies full length with no commercials and discovered that pieces had been brutally chopped out of it!

What give here? These stations are not supposed to be censored! I’ve watched many movies of strong content on the regular channels and found them so heavily chopped up that I turned them off, but I expected that. (Look how they mauled up ALIENS on ENCORE. They shortened it by nearly 30 minutes!)

Besides, they showed all sorts of other gory or sexy or bad language scenes in this movie, but they chopped out that little bit! I hate it when they do that! What is with this sudden trend? There are no commercials on these stations so they don’t need to hack it up to squeeze about 100 of those annoying things in.

Censorship? There should not be for what I’m paying to have that channel!

“Editing” is something that happens for some inexplicable reasons.

I’ve noticed it a number of times when I saw a movie in a theater, and a scene did not show up on video or premium.

So, all I can say is “you’re right,” and it’s neither new, nor uncommon.

It isn’t necessarily the Premium Channel that chopped it up. It’s not unusual for theatrical prints to be re-edited for length or to satisfy some post-release whiner. The first version of Star Wars out on tape omitted some of the footage from the theatrical release. Later tape versions added some of it back and also footage that wasn’t in the theatrical release.

It all depends on what version the Channel was showing.

Lex Non Favet Delicatorum Votis

Movies that are viewed on current TV are almost always edited (even premium and pay per view) since the movie in theaters has an aspect ratio of 16x9, where TV is 4x3. They need to edit it to make the most important parts of the scene viewable on your tv. This doesn’t explain why they take out some of the gory parts or whatever, but I like the Whiner defense listed earlier.