Cute! My Dad just sent me a youtube link!

This is the same dad who called me, breathlessly excited, about 4 months ago.

“GameHat! pant pant Did you know? pant pant You can watch MOVIES from NETFLIX on your COMPUTER?!”


“…yes, Dad, I know. Pretty cool, huh?”

So today, he sent me and my brother a youtube link - here it is: Wear Sunscreen.

I know, it’s 10 years late. And Snopes dealt with it long ago. It’s glurge, and trite, and old.

But damn, it’s cute to see my dad discovering THE INTERNETS, even if he is a bit late to the party.

I LOVE this song! (Yes I’m pathetic)

:dubious: What kind of movie was your dad watching?

I was surprised to discover recently that the Wear Sunscreen song/poem was made a hit by Australian film director Baz Luhrmann. Though he didn’t write it.