Cutest damn thing you'll see all day--Tweenbots!

Even as a dude, I have to admit this video/experiment was damn adorable:

I suggest watching the video on that page first before reading the article.

That is pretty darned cool. Thanks for sharing the linky,** Red**.

Very cute.

I kinda feel for the little guy!

That totally made my evening!

That’s is fricking adorable. I wonder if the results would have been different if there were no smiley face, or if it was a frowny face or a snarly face?

I thought the same thing. I bet the author will eventually try that one. I guess we all have to “stay tuned” :slight_smile:

Poor little robot. I’ve been lost in NYC, too. Scary!


I like my planet a weensy bit more now.

That is seriously cute.

What would make them cuter is if they were in Seattle and had little umbrellas to keep the cardboard from being soaked.

That is rather cute and amusing

Wonder what the reaction would be if the robot looked like a little cardboard Awesome-O

I want one…

I like the prototype other robots that the person’s been making too. I hope ya keep with this story, as I’d love to hear how they turn out in the future!


I’m going to keep making that joke until someone says something.

Before I even opened the thread, I saw that the “last post” was by you and I thought “he better have something damn clever to say.” I wasn’t disappointed :slight_smile:

eheheheh! This makes me want to visit New York, just to see what other wacky things go on.

I’m sure this was helped a great deal by Wall-E :slight_smile: