Sooooooooo cute!

montfort, my apologies, but this here has got to be the cutest baby picture I have ever seen.

You were such a cute baby!


Yes, it is and he is still cute.:):):):slight_smile:

::Delete temp files. Delete temp files.::

I take offense. There are many of us who were cute babies.

But that WAS a great pic, Montfort…

Hahahah, thanks. I was a cute baby, eh? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Right, Anniz? :wink:

The one on the ( gets my vote. But then, I’m just a little biased.

Hmmmm, well I personally think the cutest baby ever was my boyfriend.
Or, if that doesn’t float your boat, how about this one of me

Here’s Suo Na’s picture - too cute! And pepperlandgirl - both sweeties! You all have cute baby pictures. I’m jealous - I was an ugly baby - all drooly and crosseyed. (I still get that way when I get really sick - reverts back to the primitive form!)

Whew, I am so happy that my sister, Brachy, told the truth; she was always drooling and cross-eyed in her kid photos. I was worse - always frowning with a look that said “don’t get too close/fuck off”. Our older brother always looked so sweet and angelic that it was hard to believe that the little seraphin was related or even lived in the same house as idiot child and dragon psycho-kid.

Very cute, yes, um… but your really should smile when you have your pic taken at the DMV.

Oh oh oh! I just remembered! I made a website like that awhile back! It’s not just baby pics, but I’m still cute. :wink:


Baby Silo, and grownup Silo: