Aw what the hell. Baby pics!

The Ogreling is growing nicely (and is a cute little feller). We’ve just about decided to go ahead and keep him. :slight_smile:

These were taken while waiting for the doc (who was running awfully late). It was all I could do to keep the kid occupied.

Pic 1 Pardon the bit o’ drool. What can I say? He’s a baby!

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

I’d say this is pretty typical for him. He’s such a sweet, happy kid.

Awww! Thank you for sharing.


He’s very cute! But he doesn’t look very much like an ogre- are you sure he’s yours? He does look happy, though.

Adorable (can’t say too much about his parent’s photography skills though :D).

It was a cell phone! I thought I did pretty well under the circumstances. :slight_smile:

He’s adorable! Especially the one in the glasses.

Well, at least you didn’t center him in the frame, so you naturally followed the rule of thirds. That’s pretty much the only photography thing I know.

And, yes, he is cute

AWwww! What a little cutie pie! I especially like the glasses pic. He looks like he’s considering hard “MIT or CalTech? Hmmmmmmm.”

I love how “srs business” the last photo is. :smiley:


Way cute!!! I love the one with glasses as well.

The one in the glasses reminded me of Henery. (Remember the kid in the Foghorn Leghorn cartoons?)

Very, very cute kid!

Yeah he’s a cutie. I can see why you think he’s a keeper Ogre. :smiley:

:smiley: I shall start calling him Egghead Jr. forthwith.