By God, I have a cute baby! Pics, of course.

It’s a fine morning to post some photos of my shiny, factory-fresh baby son. I’m a proud new papa. I’m allowed to be self-indulgent (in this regard, anyway. There’s no self-indulgence at 4AM, when he’s screaming his tiny head off.) :smiley:

Folks, meet Eric Emerson. He’s 8 weeks old this Saturday.

“Never in the field of human conflict…”

Food, please!


Hangin’ with grandpa

Hangin’ (napping) with daddy

“Fascinating, father. Can you go back over the part about parallel lines in hyperbolic space?”

Ready for a road trip.

Thank God he’s smiling now (and not just from gas).

In his coming Benevolent Dictatorship, all citizens will be required to wear froggy-footed onesies.

“3AM feedings are serious f***in’ business, dad.”

The Thinker in Repose, with Kitty

Oh man he is cuuuuuuuuute!

What a DOLL! Love babies with little round heads. So kissable.

I rebel against the benevolent froggie-feet dictatorship, however.

He IS an exceptionally cute baby!

I love the look of surprise most babies get at random times, since everything they see is completely new.

ETA: I also love the froggy jammies (in fact, we have them for our still-forming babby!).

Heh. Thanks, guys. Man, those first few weeks were a tough slog. But suddenly, one night, he grinned at me and laughed, and I felt like a weight had been lifted off me. :slight_smile:

He is adorable!

Oh god, sleeping on the Boppy with the kitty!! So adorable!

The faces he’s making are absolutely priceless. Congrats a million times!

Yes, you do in fact have a cute baby!!! He really is, dictator or not.


It was just gas. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, he’s cute!

ETA: I wants me some of those froggy footed jammies!

This made me chuckle before even looking. Shortly before my son was born I was talking with my mother about names and said “or maybe we should wait 'til he’s born and see what what he looks like.” "Don’t be stupid,"she replied “if everyone did that all babies would be named Winston Churchill”

Eric is certifiably A-dorable.

Oh, yeah, that first real smile just makes it all worth it, don’t it?

Oh, I’m going to burst into your house one of these days and nibble me some baby toes! Nothin’ better than baby toes! :wink:

What a cutie!

And by the way, congratulations!

Thanks again, guys. I’m walking around as proud as a game rooster (if you’ll pardon my quaint Southernisms). I can hardly stand myself. :slight_smile:

My wife also recently bought a set of stationery with the classic British WW2 propaganda poster “Keep Calm and Carry On” on the front. She says she’s going to use them to write kind, supportive notes to our friends who become new parents.

I ain’t saying the first month was like the Blitz, but Eric certainly can sound like an air-raid siren at times. :smiley:

According to this page, the quote is —

“All babies look like me. But then, I look like all babies.”

The irrepressible Churchill apparently said this in response to a friend who remarked, “Winston! How wonderfully your new grandson resembles you!”

What a sweetie pie!!

No pics with guitars yet? Ogre, where are your priorities! :wink:

You know - he is adorable; doesn’t look like Shrek at all!

Dang, Ogre, you’re a lot less ogreish than I imagined. You do not appear to be “particularly cruel, brutish or hideous” here.

And YES what a sweetie widdow baby you have! Yes he IS! What a PRECIOUS widdow SWEETIE pie! I want to snarf on your tummy! Yes I do! I want to play wif your little feetsies and toesies! Yes I do! I –


Oh! Sorry. Lost control there.

You have a very beautiful baby. Congratulations! Ahem.

He’s so cute! Can I have him?

The photo of him and and his grandpa is priceless. ::sniff::